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Top 7 Education Mobile Device Management Software to Look Out For in 2022

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Education mobile device management software strengthening EdTech tools for EdTech management

An educational institution or EdTech company performs over fifty per cent of their EdTech management tasks through the IT administration. A plethora of devices are deployed to carry out the operations that run the educational process. Subsequently, the IT team is entrusted with the responsibility to manage and control all the devices that are connected to the central network of the educational institution. Education mobile device management software can, thus, help in tracking and controlling all the scattered devices involved under the network from a distant or remote location. EdTech tools like MDM for education have the power to locate, wipe data, lock and start other devices and therefore, without wasting any time and raising efficiency.

Lightspeed Mobile Manager

Regarded as one of best MDM for education especially on the primary grades, additionally allowing teachers to control and track student’s devices while teaching. Multi-OS solution and integration of Apple and Windows ensure to safeguard the school hierarchy efficiently. By the employment of the SIS feature, groups are created to pass on the policies adopted by the central board of the institution making inheritance way easier.

Impero Education Pro

As an education mobile device management tool, this software is that EdTech management solution, which will aid safety and security concerns of the educational institution, The MDM for education empowers the IT team to control passwords, switch on and off computers and track the possibility of unauthorized sneaking. The EdTech tool is also admired for its ability to enable software installation from one location unlike visiting each device separately and conducting it. 

Filewave Endpoint Management Suite

The education mobile device management is supported in all the platforms starting from Mac, iOS, android and windows. Since 1992, the existence of this EdTech tool is assisting in tracking, security, inventory management, and content across all the devices connected to it. It has an immense potential to adapt to the growing number of computers and users. Besides, Fileset deployment, an auto-repair feature of the MDM for education IT is saving time and accuracy without stressing about updates. 

Securly MDM

Alongside aiding the education IT teams to buck up their efforts, it also serves as an EdTech tool for classroom management. Besides IT teams, teachers can also use them as admins and operate for the purpose of lectures and lessons. This education mobile device management software is not as flexible to be used in the job industry but only dedicated to school education.

Jamf Pro

With the growing usage of Apple devices and platforms for educational purposes, Jamf Pro has been flourishing as the supreme education mobile device management software. Along with the IT team and other operational devices solely meant for the educational institutions, this EdTech is also proficient in taking into purview the teaching process and the teacher’s device to implement further control. The automating function offered by this EdTech management tool is simplifying the work and ensures built-in security tools. 

Soti MobiControl

An advanced and enterprise-level MDM for education that can provide the education IT team with the power to deploy and retire all the devices connected to the collective infrastructure. The mobile device management tool helps in securing devices, applications and widgets, content and data. Alert rules are facilitated through pop up notifications in the computers as commanded from IT teams. 


In EdTech management, the use of this mobile device management is dedicated to endpoint security control. All the endpoint users are guaranteed security from the IT team by the deployment of this software that enables visibility and greater control. Computer imaging, automatic patch management and asset inventory are some of the special features that this extends.


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