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Anti-Bullying Technology Flaunts the Capability of EdTech Surveillance

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EdTech surveillance is introducing boundless resources to fuel anti-bullying technology and its effectivity


Bullying in educational institutions has lately been recognized as a severe offense. Socially awakened groups are largely involved in raising awareness on concerns related to bullying. The ill-effects of bullying include mental instability, psychological trauma, physical damage, the suicidal tendency in the victim, and so on. Through the past successive years, bullying has been actively addressed by educational institutions to ensure a safe campus and learning environment. Besides, the most popular form of edtech surveillance technology implemented was through CCTV cameras that recorded daily events which were closely monitored to avert such causes of ragging and bullying. This was the first step taken to prune the age-old custom of influential candidates of the institution who practiced bullying.

A more advanced form of anti-bullying technology arrived in the tech world after the upheaval of its intense dissent. These technological inventories lent more intelligible ways of eliminating bullying and ragging. Nevertheless, impeccable operations are one of the prime characteristics of artificial intelligence devices. When AI-powered devices are empowered to determine ragging and bullying, it is certainly obvious that unbiasedness will be guaranteed. Sometimes human minds do not identify the subtle indication of innocent students which is effectively figured out by smart systems.

Bullying management associations usually tend to address major issues, as human members they sometimes exhibit ignorance towards certain issues which are otherwise considered treacherous and have developed scary forms in distant parts of the world. Universal data are compressed in AI-driven machines that respond to more justified solutions than human minds. Anti-bullying technology is more often entrusted with the roles of identifying hesitant bullying, monitoring and detecting actions of students within a boundary, Record reports of students willing to complain and wanting a “free from judgment” environment.

While some solutions are extended by the unadulterated data embedded in it, sometimes the reported victims are automatically directed to a proximal mental health advisor or complaint forum. Student counselling is another useful operation carried out by anti-bullying technology. Situations such as the anonymity of the perpetrator are effectively recognized by these systems without hesitations, unlike the victims who are oppressed to remain quiet.

Examples of applications pertaining to anti-bullying technology are no bullying schools, safe2tell, cyberbully, BRIM, P3Campus, hotline, and many more. Other than education content and lectures, EdTech industry is co-existing with anti-bullying technology as well. The recent past has witnessed the major eruption of cyberbullying. This is considered to be one of the potential alternatives to on-campus bullying as the identity is concealed effortlessly and the target suffers from bewilderment alongside mental and spiritual torment. However, enforcement of cyber laws across the world has contributed significantly to providing justice to the victims. Enactment of these laws is also an endowment of blockchain technology and machine learning as tracing the offender and proving their offense is impossible without it.

Additionally, medical counselling appointments are also issued by AI-driven technologies. They diligently ensure student mental health in these tough times when they are exhausted with persistent unproductivity. Inner conflicts in youngsters of GenZ are a common occurrence that leads to drastic consequences. These circumstances are tackled by AI-powered systems which have a considerable amount of knowledge imbibed by big data. Students prefer to speak out in an environment that is safe for them and can assure them confidentiality yet advise them to cure. This has been made possible with technology in education that is extensively meant for accomplishing disciplinary conduct of students and preventing adverse stress.

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