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Web 3.0 in Education Initiating EdTech Revolution

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Transformation of EdTech highly driven by the inclusion of Web 3.0 in education

The constantly evolving digital space is assuming varieties of power, in regular intervals. As web technologies continue to portray progress, almost every industry strides along, to match the competition that is triggered in the market. Similarly, advanced education or smart education is primarily implemented, through digital learning, thus, using multiple EdTech tools to succeed. Eventually, as Web 3.0 technology began making inroads into the lives of people, it was immediately adopted by the education industry to serve the contemporary needs of delivering education, induced by the pandemic. Web 3.0 in education has brought in ample changes, that are regarded as a need for the moment.

Defining Web 3.0

To further define Web 3.0 technology, it is an advanced version of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, that is popularly termed as semantic web. Over Web 3.0, an individual is exposed to information, according to their search habits and interests, renouncing the concept of unstructured search engine results completely. In simple terms, in the era of Web 3.0, information is not sought by the users, instead, information finds its target audience themselves. This is an interesting feature, that is facilitated by factors like IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtualization and personalization.

Evolved Pedagogy

Educators will assume access to innumerable EdTech materials, that would help them make lessons more engaging, without having to go through a tedious journey of looking for them over the web. Web 3.0 technology makes content available to users, without them finding it. Thus, teachers will be able to do their work in seconds, further leading the class to become more engaging. Unlike Web 1.0 or 2.0, Web 3.0 in education, enables students to become independent and learn on their subjects, that they prefer to take up as an additional online course. Sometimes, students also gather assistance from Web 3.0 technology, to understand certain concepts with the help of voice recognition. Therefore, easing the pressure on educators.

Customized Search

As Web 3.0 in education makes its mark phenomenally, smart search helps students in knowledge construction. Students pursuing a specific subject, can be assumed by the Web 3.0 technology, which will recommend various contents, like videos and blogs, that can help the student to learn about various aspects of their course. Furthermore, according to their search related to their assignments, unsolicited web content will be displayed, that can be highly useful for them to understand concepts, beyond their search and topic constraints.

Personalized Learning

A semantic or Web 3.0 in education, can help students select their career paths and educational future. Besides, by identifying the learning goal of the student and location, Web 3.0 can recommend relevant information. Students determine their future with the assistance of Web 3.0 in education, is highly advantageous, as expert knowledge is combined with various factors, dictating the student’s life. Certainly, their decision comes out to be accurate and correct.

Cheap and Effective

Unlike the traditional model of education, where study materials and resources and plenty of infrastructures were required to set up, Web 3.0 in education is making a major leap, by cutting down all such costs involved in education, by simply replacing it with Web 3.0 technology. As digital learning is the new trend, everything will be connected digitally, and education can be regulated, without worrying about higher costs of resources. Almost every material required to continue studies, is available over Web 3.0, empowering EdTech, like never before..

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