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Top Document Management Software for The Education Industry

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Document management software easing the documentation pressure of the education industry

Education documents include a variety of paperwork’s and hard copy records. The education industry utilises an immense quantity of papers each year owing to the needs of students, educators, educational institutions as well as the peripheral facilities attached with it. Subsequently the technological innovations interrupted the widespread demand of manually written papers with e-papers, officially termed as the document management software. Thus, Document management software has been occupying the industry for a decade now.

The introduction of this EdTech efficiency tool has simplified the practice of offline documentation as the software has significantly reduced the risk of misplacement and extra workload of sifting large numbers of compiled education documents. Accomplishing assignments to creating question papers for exams, every documentary aspect of the education industry has leaped into the document management software. As a useful option to resort to, the availability of multiple such applications has also impacted the education industry with a difficult choice to make.

Google Docs

The document management software is exclusively dedicated to creating and storing documents. Google Docs is a google suite product that automatically saves the file changes in the google drive making it accessible through various devices given the same google account being used. Various templates for resumes, brochures, letters and reports are accessible in the software. It has a world record of assisting students, teachers and education industry administrative officers adequately.

Zoho Workdrive

Immensely helpful in collaborative projects and assignments given to students. Creation of team folders are also available in this application. The e-paper extended by the document management software syncs and stores education documents or for that matter any business documents efficiently without letting the user worry even a bit. Moreover, the benefits do not end here, other facilities are also accessible to recognized teams.

Your e-Locker

A broad range of facilities are offered by this document management software enhancing the EdTech efficiency by 10 times. This e-paper can enable education documents of an institution to be centrally controlled and secure from threats and data breaches. The storage of documents has layers of security facilitating assurance of a safe abode to the documents. Advanced features like important reminders, searching, sharing, text indexing, organizing scattered elements of the documents.


Recognised as a smart workspace for the users relying upon Legito for education documents to be tailored. Automated assembling and drafting of documents are initiated. The workflow is enhanced through different incentivised modes of operations forwarded by this software. One of the most appreciated traits of this document management is the evolutionary e-signature technique that eases a lot of pdf formatting stress.

Adobe PDF Library

Adobe is a common brand in the education industry that recognizes it for the all-in-one programs. The mentioned document management software extensively concerns pdf files to be edited and managed. Review pdf turned documents and amend them efficiently with various techniques of corrective measures available such as modifying texts without tampering the natural view. However, the robust technology is built with C++, Java and other such constructive tools.

Qualityze Suite

The software interface contributes to the EdTech efficiency by extending the education industry with a cost-effective document management software feasible for large scale production of data and information. Highly intelligent application demonstrating qualities like document compilation, SOP training, document review system, handle erratic changes and expediting document history. Therefore, this system has tangible benefits and promises to be adaptive with evolving generations of EdTech efficiency.


Perhaps a persuasive alternative to Your e-Locker which delicately stresses on the security of the documents and is accessed through a centralized system. However, remote access to the platform is initiated but with original and authentic registered identity determined by the educational institution that owns the education document space in Greenbox. Tracking, reviving and assembling documents efficiently are some sling points of this application.

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