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Facebook in the Classroom: Top 10 Ways to Use FB in Education

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Use Facebook in the classroom as an essential educational tool in 2022

Facebook is a social networking site created in 2004 which has since obtained over a billion users, and it has the potential to facilitate learning in the classroom. A variety of studies on the use of Facebook indicate that there are a wide number of potential benefits to using Facebook as an educational tool. It is high time to start using Facebook in the classroom. As teachers strive to keep their students engaged, Facebook is an educational tool that allows teachers and students to interact in a new way. Facebook in higher education encourages collaboration and communication among groups of all sizes.

When you begin to see Facebook as a potential educational tool, you will discover several ways to integrate this platform into your classroom. This article features the top 10 ways to use Facebook in the classroom.


Facilitate classmate connections

Facebook in higher education helps students to understand each other, they become more involved in the learning experience. It is helpful in both large classes that wouldn’t normally promote such intimacy and in smaller settings that regularly depend on that connection.

Use Facebook Live to provide additional help

Facebook Live is a new feature that is immensely useful in the classroom. It is a tool that allows teachers to record videos that students may view through live streaming or later. It is a terrific way to record and share videos of difficult lessons so that students can watch and learn after school.

Teach students digital citizenship skills

By encouraging students to interact online through this powerful social media, teachers can help students gain digital citizenship skills. They can model how to comment and share online content correctly. They can also use Facebook as an educational tool for distinguishing between real and fake news. It is one of the best use of Facebook for teachers.

Publish notes for recognition

If you want to recognize the accomplishments of particular students or the effort of an entire class, be sure to write a note indicating what you are recognizing and tag all students involved. It is one of the best ways to use Facebook in the classroom.

Share educational content

Since FB makes it extremely easy to share materials, this is the perfect place to share educational content. For instance, teachers can share videos and articles from reliable news sources related to the information they are studying in class.

Ask students to put you on limited access to their pages

It keeps teachers from having to see their Spring Break photos, status updates that may indicate why they really missed that midterm, or any other information that may compromise your professional working relationship. It is one of the best use of Facebook for teachers.

Language Exchange

If you teach a foreign language, turn students on to this app that gives them a chance to practice what they learn in class. It is one of the best ways to use Facebook in the classroom.


Upload all the crucial files you want to share with students like your class syllabus, supplemental reading material, or assignments when you use this app. It is one of the best ways to use Facebook in the classroom.

Make global connections

Finally, FB is a wonderful way to make global connections with other teachers and students across the world. It is one of the best ways to use Facebook in the classroom.

Provide direct communication with teachers

Facebook for teachers and students helps to contact each other, providing an opportunity for better sharing of information and promoting better working relationships. It is one of the best ways to use Facebook in the classroom.

Can you think of any additional ways to use Facebook in the classroom?

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