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Metaverse Reforming Indian Education to Match with World Standards

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Metaverse in education is becoming an useful tool mainly for Indian education industry as affordability eases

STEM education is in high demand and the job market is flooded with requirements of employees, who can be proficient with STEM culture of work. STEM signifies Science Technology Engineering and Maths, these are the fields which are likely to be inserted in almost 80 percent of the jobs worldwide within the next decade. In order to make today’s learners aware and confident about their future, it is important to reform Indian education that piles up books and lessons over the young students to just make them mug up and forget later on.  However, metaverse in education is increasingly being adopted by EdTech companies to  challenge the conventional education process, but not to emphasize STEM education. However, the purpose could be served both ways if circumstances are taken into account. Precisely, in the context of Indian education the scenario is more grim, when it comes to imparting STEM-based education.

Indian Job Industry

Although there has been a constant demand for employees in the Indian jobs who are proficient with STEM education, multiple factors are hindering the STEM teaching and learning method to enter the education industry. The Indian education institution is habitually reluctant to upgrade the conventional curriculum, which is the biggest obstruction on the way to adopt STEM education coupled with lack of resources. On top of that, STEM education requires a top-notch infrastructural setup, which is again absent in the Indian education context. 

Metaverse In STEM Education

Installing metaverse in education can solve the crisis of resources and infrastructure to a great extent without causing the education leaders to resort to expensive solutions. Metaverse is sufficient to compensate for the physical structure that complements STEM. The virtual experience imparted by Metaverse in education weighs more in quality and way too less in money. Metaverse in Indian education shrinks the gap between urban and rural divide in delivering education as a huge bulk of logistics does not need to be transported unlike the traditional ones. Only setting up networks and accessing it will facilitate education through the metaverse. Especially in Indian education, the metaverse can be highly beneficial as India’s geographical diversity is dominated by the rural and remote areas. 

STEM Revolution

Facilitating STEM education through the metaverse would be effective in multiple ways.  Creativity and passion is instilled in the students when metaverse is adopted as the model to impart STEM lessons, however an upgrade in the curriculum will be an additional impetus to it. The user experience on metaverse in educationis immersive and enkindles a next generation spark in the students. As the students get motivated to bring innovations, problem-solving and critical thinking automatically gets embedded in them.


By collaborating metaverse with DIKSHA, which is elaborately known as Digital Infrastructure for knowledge sharing), can assure better extension of the EdTech solution. Indian education has received a great impetus from DIKSHA as it facilitates school education over digital platforms to those who cannot otherwise access. QR scanning codes are used by the students on this portal to access NCERT books. Metaverse can allow STEM to fulfill its goal by enabling these students to not only access the books and read them in 2 dimensional but also by illustrating a 3D visual of the lessons.

Women Encouragement In Education

Since metaverse has been initiated by the EdTech industry, a slight percentage of wlgirl students enrolling into STEM has increased. Many feminist groups and education proponents in the world have been protesting to increase participation of women in STEM education. Upskilling women in STEM fields, so that they can acquire job roles in this is also facilitated by metaverse in education. Therefore, the advanced AR and VR technology imbibed by metaverse in education is highly recommended for women empowerment in education.

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