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Top 10 Robotic EdTech Companies Building the Future of Education

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Top robotic EdTech company that deserves optimistic acknowledgement from the respective stakeholders

Educational robotics refers to a two-fold approach in education, one, using robotics in education to impart knowledge about the operations of robotic applications and two, deploying robotics solutions to operate EdTech companies with advanced technologies. Robotic EdTech companies listed here include some of the renowned ones that are successfully expanding the horizons of the education system. Education industries across the world are thriving in the digital space as evident from the past two years, eventually creating potential space for further innovations. Therefore, embracing robotics in education is a step towards integrating robotic EdTech companies.

Intelligent Automation

The US-based private company particularly specializes in cutting-edge technology. The robotic solution that is manufactured by them tends to assist in future competitions. The educational robotics that takes roots from here adopts a multidisciplinary approach to cultivate a collaborative environment. The robotic EdTech company is known for its ability to convert theory into practice that involves deployable products. 

SoapBox Labs

Founded in the year 2013 recognized as a privately owned company in Ireland that serves in a vital field of digital education. Voice technology or voice recognition technology that is quite popular across the world plays a crucial role in education. The robotic EdTech company aims to make children’s learning more interesting and engaging by providing them with speech-recognition games, reading, and shows. Besides, language tools are also available to them.

Identified as a startup amongst the EdTech companies, founded in 2020. The digital platform is preoccupied with imparting broad concepts of coding and robotics in education, to students in after-school live classes. Students are trained in building apps, games, websites and with specialized algorithms and coding.


An eminent name in the robotics industry introduced in 2011, having collaborated with renowned brands, the company manufactures 3D printers. The US-based robotic EdTech company branched out from MIT Media labs. The premium quality 3D printer is easily accessible because of its cost-efficient pricing. Budding engineers and software designers largely depend upon this technology to expand their expertise and explore the practical environment of their innovation. 


The privately owned UK-based company is excelling significantly since 2019. Until now, waste management has been a phenomenon with manual labourers. But now greater initiatives are being taken such as the one by Greyparrot. The robotic EdTech company engages in educating the next generation about how to efficiently operate a waste recognition software. As an educational robotics, it includes waste management activities like sorting waste, monitoring different stages of waste, composition, and auditing through electronic medium.

Movia Robotics

In 2010, the US-based robotics company was founded with an objective to make learning easier for children with autism issues by infusing robotics in education. The specialised tool that is provided to the educators, parents and therapists ensures an effective learning process for the specially-abled kids. The educational robotics have successfully engaged the students and have yielded adequate learning outcomes in them throughout their years of existence. 

KinderLab Robotics

Facilitating playful learning for children since 2013. The toys developed for young children are inspired by robotics in education. With an aim to train the students with sufficient and effective technical skills, these toys are extended. While performing the games, the children playfully learn the difficult concepts. Furthermore, they can also give a physical shape to their ideas that they developed through the course of learning. 

Squishy Robotics

The robotics company aims to curb crimes and hostilities in society. Thus, adding them to the EdTech companies operating over online as well as education institutions offline, can tremendously diminish the instances of ragging and bullying among students. The robotic solution tends to explore, identify, and assist the victims of discriminiation and delinquency.

Clearpath Robotics

Existing since 2009, the Canadian robotic company provides a platform to develop robotic solutions. The troubles and hindrances that occur in the direction of developers are addressed and sorted in their services. Therefore, the company is widely recogniszed as an educational robotics maker that builds autonomous robots for the difficult jobs in the industry. 


The robotic EdTech company facilitates robotics in education for the primary grade students. The EdTech company imparts students with the knowledge on how to create smartphone applications and robotic solutions. Since 2012, the company has been thriving in the USA. 

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