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An Effective Way of Robotics and AI Learning for Kids With “Arriving Today”

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Embracing robotics and AI learning in a new way for kids to implement it effectively in future

Real-life experiences always count as the best way to grasp a concept or lesson. As a result, field education is immensely encouraged and accommodated in the curriculum these days. Similarly, robotics and AI learning require the learners to be present in a practical environment to understand and perceive the technology skills they are being targeted with. However, the kids or the primary students who are beginning with their artificial intelligence and robotics course cannot certainly be called for a field experience as it may turn out to be risky. Subsequently, adopting effective EdTech methods to impart the same includes learning from experts of the industry who can compellingly teach the concepts through their own experiences. 

Building Foundation

We cannot deny that robotics and AI learning has a promising future for the respective aspirants or learners. As artificial intelligence grows rapidly and robotics technology multiplies, opportunities in the field seem enormous. To teach students these technology skills means preparing them not only for their future but the future of technology and the progress of the economy. One of the best scholars in teaching robotics and artificial intelligence is recognised as Christopher Mims, who in his book “Arriving Today” has explained diligently how a device is built and delivered to the customers over e-commerce websites. Categorically, this book is highly recommended to ease the struggle in robotics and AI learning. 

About The book

The book contains a variety of topics and chapters that speak about the evolution of technology and history. The procedures and efforts that go behind the creation of technology are also generously explained.  Students can rely on this data and easily understand the descriptions as they are mostly backed by numbers and arithmetic. It is considered that Christopher Mims uses a unique way to explain supply chain, logistics, and the scale of items until it is delivered to the doorstep, impacted by robotics and artificial intelligence. Besides, the book is also embedded with personalities who have experienced the technologies at their will and their success stories. 

The Progressive Aspect

Unlike the books that are yet published on robotics and artificial intelligence, Arriving today helps us in acquiring significant robotics and AI learning methods. Alongside, the progress and developments caused and practised in the field are also appropriately heaved to better impart the power it possesses in transforming the world. The methods and techniques involved in the contemporary approach of producing robotics and AI are manifested as well as provides a comparative analysis on how it used to be prepared and how it happens now. This gives clear and concise ideas to kids before they embark on the professional course. The changing landscape of jobs could be better comprehended through this book which professes how the jobs of today are different from the jobs of the future. Further empowering the kids to learn advanced technology skills to be prepared for upcoming demands of employment in the industry. 

Flexibly Skilled

Christopher Mims, on asking how the idea to write this book came to mind, replied that it was an amazing experience to visit a fully-automated warehouse and inspired him to enlighten the world about it through his perspective. Therein, his advice and suggestions for the aspirants of robotics and AI learning are also quite different and unique. Unlike traditional advice that mandates coding as the sole successful skill to progress in technology skills, it is recommended by him that students these days should be flexible and open to every challenge. With the growing number of EdTech companies, a large variety of skills are available to all of us and anyone from anywhere can learn any skill. Similarly, as optimisation of technology increases, students should be imparted with problem-solving methods, self-confidence and independence. On the side of hard skills, it is important that students have a remarkable grasp of mathematics, geometry and computer applications. 


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