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Top Classroom Management Software Acing in the EdTech Industry

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EdTech Industry enhancing e-learning management with useful classroom management software

Advanced learning demands advanced solutions to cope with the challenges coming on the way to accomplish education technology’s endeavour. Currently, the shift to the online medium of education has overwhelmed the education industry, the anxiety involving the effective delivery of lessons has raised concerns widely. In such a scenario, integrating e-learning management techniques contribute to EdTech development significantly. Subsequently, the introduction of classroom management software by the EdTech industry has pledged to extend a solution to the contemporary learning environment.

Evaluation of in-class student performance, monitoring digital behaviour of students during an ongoing lecture, stimulating the engagement of students, and other restrictive mechanisms to avoid distractions for students in e-learning mode as well as in-person mode is included in classroom management software. Any and every way of susceptibility to dissection from the classroom is managed by this EdTech development system. E-learning does not only count the remote learning or virtual educational programs, it also includes the use of technology to increase coherent delivery of knowledge.


It is a classroom management software that controls students’ digital habits during virtual classes and other engagements. Teachers or instructors are able to warn them through notifications if they find out any off-class behaviour. So far DyKnow is the only e-learning management software to empower the educators with adequate facilities to ensure student engagement. Besides, the software also facilitates the teachers to analyse the device usage of the students. This is extensively designed for remote education due to the primary inclusion of devices and applications to continue education.


ClassDojo is an interactive platform that enhances a creative learning environment. Classroom facilities like creating groups for assignments, giving and taking notes from teachers and friends, video conferencing, are paired with social networking activities like sharing and informing others about classroom occurrences. This has the potential to encourage more and more students towards education.


The classroom management software is an all-in-one solution to distance learning manifesting impressive e-learning management. Starting from attendance to video conferencing, to outlining syllabus for the students, Gradelink provides the best way to alleviate challenges occurring in the online learning environment. Furthermore, Gradelink also integrates google classroom in it to multiply the efficiency. Moreover, additional courses are also offered to the students without any monetary demands for their personal growth.


This is a broad interface supporting student engagement activities as well as collaborative attempts of educational institutions with parents. A unified dashboard involves students directly communicating their queries and concerns to the teachers. Edmodo as a classroom management software also enables the educators to use it as a tool to create homework on common ground by collaborating with other faculty members.


EdTech development is excessively referred to as the measures taken to prune the loopholes and convert them into opportunities. Classroom management software like iGradePlus is an exemplary software that aids grade management, attendance, and the highly preferred step of tracking student attention in class. Nevertheless, a user-friendly dashboard also allows the parents and students to have their personal accounts in it.


The EdTech industry is endowed with various innovations and one amongst them goes as a personalized learning experience that identifies students’ interests and aptitudes. Schoology is one such platform or classroom management software, which has the ability to engage students throughout their course of learning and then direct them to the respective assessments. Collaborative studies are also promoted efficiently by Schoology where pupils, as well as teachers, can participate. Nonetheless, optimizing content and methods to educate students in a way the teachers can perfectly fine-tune with.






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