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Top 10 Ukrainian EdTech Startups to Look Out for Amid War

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Notable Ukrainian EdTech startups surprising the world by witnessing noteworthy EdTech valuation 

Amidst the raging tension between Russia and Ukraine, it is Ukraine and its economy that is suffering irrevocably. However, the country is not stepping back from witnessing a growing EdTech valuation. Ukraine is home to manifold EdTech startups and EdTech companies. Ukrainian EdTech startups have pervaded the market along the last decade significantly and currently manifesting satisfactory investments. EdTech startups in Ukraine are emerging victorious while the people are facing a war. 


The Ukrainian EdTech startup has raised USD 40 lakhs from UVO ventures. The EdTech company facilitates blended learning for mathematics. It has about 1 lakh registered users across the world. The courses offered by the EdTech company are interactive and animated in nature to encourage critical thinking in students. 


Recently, Preply has been in news widely because of its attraction of funds that has changed the fate of the Ukrainian EdTech startups. An amount of USD 10 Million has been invested in the EdTech company that imparts the learners with language learning skills. It is contemplated that the EdTech platform will assume the immense potential for global growth with the reception of this fund. 

Skill Setter

Cyprus-based venture capital fund has invested a handsome amount of USD 262K in the EdTech company. The Ukrainian EdTech startup dedicates its courses to IT professionals, who gather knowledge through simulation courses through the respective online platforms.


The EdTech startup in Ukraine has propounded a new way of delivering education through edutainment. The mobile app developed by the company offers a game-based learning platform to students. Android devices are primarily aimed at manufacturing the logical reasoning, creative skills games in this platform. It was founded in 2013 and have only seen a cumulative EdTech valuation in the industry since then.


Aspirants pursuing dentistry can access this EdTech startup in Ukraine to learn dental lessons and skills meant for professionals. For the purpose of dental education, the platform extends the curriculum in the form of webinars, articles, expert advice, educational resources, visual illustrations e.t.c. The asynchronous nature of the EdTech company has facilitated it to maintain a decent EdTech valuation. 


Ukrainian EdTech startup Collaborator is a corporate learning management system. Users can generate and import material with this application. Tests, surveys, presentations, documents, audios, and other materials are included in course materials. User administration, communication tools, collaboration tools, discussion forums, task scheduling, 360-degree feedback surveys, reporting and analytics, and a programme report are just a few of the features. 


Children’s augmented reality books are developed by VRbook. Children can use augmented graphics to read books, colour pages, and play games. Furthermore, each page claims to include a virtual teacher who can teach the child English, as well as how to write and count.


JavaRush is an EdTech startup in Ukraine that offers online gamified coding training. Students participate in a quest game that is available online. The emphasis is on Java instruction. Display string, branches, loops, inheritance, thread, objects, and other elements are all included in the content. Students establish groups and participate in hands-on projects to learn. There’s also a place to talk about it. For the time being, students can use the service for free. The in-house team creates content.

Correct Spelling

The EdTech company develops a mobile app that teaches English. Spellcheckers, English grammar checking, a spelling test, and many other features are available. It has an Android app available.

Programming classes are available on, an online platform. It gives students access to live training, video lectures, study materials, and a certificate of completion. Java, front-end development, C#, QA testing, test automation, Android, and web design are among the topics covered in the classes. In Kyiv, it also provides classroom instruction.


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