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10 Innovative EdTech Startups to Witness in the Upcoming Year 2022

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10 EdTech startups to make a mark in 2022 by energizing digital learning significantly

EdTech companies that have made a mark in the toplists were once startups. The most intriguing part of observing an EdTech startup is the innovative quotient it has to stand out of the crowd. As EdTech entrepreneurs buck up their efforts in completely dedicating themselves to a better digital learning platform, E-schools are gripping strong grounds of control in the education technology space. Digital learning is significantly growing and gaining popularity exclusively because of its characteristics that differ from traditional education. Thus, to continue the legacy almost all the EdTech startups look forward to introducing unique features that can help in education. In this list there are 10 EdTech startups that have taken mindful steps towards their brands for success to follow inevitably. 

Zen Educate

The EdTech startup contributes towards the recruitment of educators in the E-schools and normal schools. To recognise the right fit for the role of a perfect position, the EdTech company uses education technology to filter out eligible resumes for a job and then proceed with further recruitment processes. In this way the schools are relieved from paying excessive amounts to the recruiters and still have the best teachers in their organization. The EdTech company was founded in 2016 in London and so far has a record of raising USD 10.4 Millions.


Multiple new tools for making education engaging are available over this EdTech platform. To bring effective learning outcomes to occur, TORSH  empowered educators with innovative techniques to deliver the best lessons. The EdTech startup aims to waive the gap between students and teachers. It is a Los Angeles based EdTech company thriving in the  education technology sphere for a while now since 2011. 


Primarily hosts a digital learning platform for students eager to learn English from the native speakers of the language. By integrating North American teachers, students are endowed with the best form of knowledge experience over the digital medium. E-schools generally operate online to serve as an alternative to the in-person education but VIP Kid operates over  digital medium to bring closer entities from different parts to make the best of digital education and education technology in serving benefits. 

Guild Education

Imparts education to the professionals over digital learning and E-schools ona part time basis to empower them with their interesting field of study while they are involved in a job. This enhances the workforce by multiple times and education starts getting polished among them. The EdTech startup is following successful points as it assumes USD 228 billions of total funds being raised.


The Indian EdTech company is revolving the education spbere in India significantly by recruiting experts from fields to teach the students. Over 3 lakhs enrollments have occurred in unacademy making the platform highly desired for its unique course content associated with professionals. The educators thus, upload video lectures and study materials for the students to access and gather knowledge. USD 500 Millions are raised in total. 

A Cloud Guru

Specialized specifically in the field of cloud technology and concerns students mainly from IT areas to acquire requisite knowledge on cloud computing. Other domains of cloud computing and related fields are although included, the EdTech startup has uniquely positioned itself as a cloud technology education platform. 

The emerging EdTech company also issues completion certificates for students who successfully complete the course content. 

4.0 Schools

Especially meant for CEOs and leaders who perform their responsibilities in online business and startups. The course includes lessons that can shpe one to become a leader in future along with adequate materials to imbibe technological aspect as digital transformation is on the rise and almost all companies will operate online after a certain point. Interestingly, the EdTech startup is also thoughtful in easing the education process by extending fellowships.


The EdTech startup facilitates students to acquire foreign degrees from North American schools and colleges through digital education. Students who cannot afford or move to North American destinations to pursue education can enroll in the E-schools available. This has regulated more students across the globe to access degrees from abroad than ever. 


Facilitates teaching and learning Math in easy ways. The primary concern of the EdTech startup is to overcome challenges in imparting numerals and arithmetic with the help of education technology. As a result, considering Math as an important field of study and necessary for every student to know, the EdTech company solely directed their efforts in Mathematics. Further recruits highly skilled educators who can ease the process of learning math over online platforms.


A medical EdTech startup empowering aspirants of healthcare studies. With unique factors being incorporated in the digital education platform, they also allow students to access advanced tools and study materials for reference. Exam style questions and granting the ability to develop as they learn, makes Amboss a distinct EdTech company that has undertaken medical studies as its USP. 


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