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Education Marketing Strategy: 10 Ways Influencers can be Helpful

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There are millions of influencers present on social media today to use them as an education marketing strategy

The education sector has been experiencing a massive boom thanks to the numerous opportunities created by the internet and modern technologies in general. According to reports, the global e-learning market worldwide is set to surpass US$275 billion value by 2022, driven largely by the escalation in the number of internet users and growing access to broadband internet and mobile phones with online capabilities. This article features how influencers can become an asset to your education marketing strategy.

Selecting the right social media influencer

There are millions of influencers present on social media today, but you cannot go for just anyone. A successful education marketing strategy is to analyze an education influencer whose base is strong in the respective field. Right social media influencer can help you run a top-notch campaign and create a buzz about your brand among your target audience.

Content outreach

For e-learning or educational platforms, content outreach matters the most; if people do not know about the platform, they cannot use or download it. Social media influencers can resonate well with your brand value and whose followers are close to your target audience.

Content production

Influencers are your content production. They create native ads that tend to resonate better with consumers, which, in turn, can enhance your advertising performance and improve overall conversion. Therefore, it is important to use influencers for your education marketing strategy.

Social media contests

Social media networks are one of the best channels for e-learning or educational platforms to organize contests and competitions with their customers due to their interactive nature. Educational platforms can also use influencers to organize competitions on social media portals based on user-generated content rather than the free distribution of prizes. It is one of the best ways to use influencers for your education marketing strategy.

Video posts

Videos attract more customers as they can be consumed more easily than text and still images. The videos featuring popular influencers such as celebrities or YouTube stars are generally more effective for educational platforms.

Influencer networks

You cannot depend on a single influencer in order to reach a mass audience. An effective education marketing strategy is when you use influencer networks instead of individual influencers is one of the solutions to this problem. One can map influencer networks by using influencer marketing tools such as Grin.

Create an experience around your brand

You can get as many influencers you want to showcase your courses in their content or create reviews or how-to content involving your services. And that can help increase sales. But the secret to growing a brand is taking one step further. Create an experience around your brand, and invite influencers to participate in and share the experience.

Provision of real-life experiences of influencers

Since consumers place more trust in the opinions voiced by agents of influence, the real-life experiences of these persons generally make social media ads and posts more credible to consumers. Rather than simply asking influencers to promote your e-learning or educational platform on their social media pages, you can ask them to use your platform and share their experiences over a certain period of time.

Avoid fake influencer

While it is important to know who the perfect fit for your brand is, the flipside of that coin is knowing who is not a good fit. The wrong education influencer can be detrimental to a campaign, cause a PR crisis, and sour your board or boss on ever running another education influencer campaign.

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