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Top EdTech Jobs for Educational Content Creators to Apply in 2022

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Top careers in EdTech that are paving the way for educational content creators to acquire a profession

The demand for content creators in any field is enormous these days given the overwhelming emergence of social media that is shaping consumer behaviour largely. Educational content is produced in multiple creative ways making the concept of a lesson easier to grasp through various approaches like videos, audio, infographics and animations. Thus, a large bulk of EdTech jobs are dedicated to educational content creators who are resorting to the contemporary trending ways to impart education. However, apart from tutorial jobs, there are multiple other careers in EdTech to apply for, which are surfacing in the forefront.

Language Content Creator

Transparent Language Company has expressed a vacancy in the job profile for a language content contributor, who can work on a freelance basis. The EdTech job requires the educational content creator to be proficient in the concerned language they will be offered, with a vivid understanding of the grammar of the same alongside English so that translatory content could be created to teach the consumers a new language. It is a remote job extending a salary of USD 40,000 on average based on the experience and performance of the candidate.

Video Creator

This is a part-time job looked for by LeetCode. The applicant attempting this EdTech job should be able to create instructional videos that are easily understood by the learners. The videos should not exceed 20 minutes and within that, the lessons are explained by adding voiceovers, which can enhance the visual learning experience of the learners. Verbally converting complex phenomenons into simple ideas is what the educational content creator in this EdTech job is expected to do. An average salary of USD 45K is mentioned for this role.

Math Specialist

The digital learning platform GoGuardian has opened the position for a full-time educational content creator who can assist educators in their efforts to build the future of education. As they have introduced a new topic in their curriculum, they are looking forward to a candidate who can strategise and develop mathematics-related content for K-12 education. The maximum range of the salary is USD 73K P.A depending upon the performance and experience.

Curriculum Designer

The language-learning platform Duolingo is seeking an educational content creator by opening this genre of a career in EdTech. The applicant is expected to design the pedagogical process to go ahead with a specific language lesson. Across implicit and explicit factors of a language should be studied to consider various aspects of the lesson. This is a full-time offer with a maximum of USD 50K salary per year.

Content Writer

On a contractual basis, iTutor is offering a vacancy in a very common career in EdTech as a content writer. The EdTech job falls under the new launch of Clerisy, a subsidiary of iTutor. The candidates applying should have sufficient experience and knowledge of having served as an educator so much so that they can motivate and lead to the professional development of aspiring tutors. Above a USD 50K is dedicated for this role. 

Social Media Content Marketer

The play and learning platform, Hellosaurus is hiring educational content creators, who can deliver engaging content over the social media platforms. Planning social media releases and gathering educational resources to give it the shape of interesting and appealing content, collaborating with the graphic design team are some of the responsibilities to abide by. Besides, perform all the recommended marketing practices, which also gives way to another career in EdTech that is of the EdTech social media manager.


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