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Role of an EdTech CDO in Carrying Out Digital Development

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Roles and responsibilities of EdTech CDO in shaping education technology for institutions

Educational institutions and learning platforms operated by education technology are looking for ICT managers for their digital development. Outsourcing factors to create education technology in individual institutions sometimes cause flawed results. Thus, to develop digital applications to aid student learning, educational institutions are recruiting chief digital officers for permanent job roles. Therefore, the relevance and role of an EdTech CDO are elaborated. Proficiency in designing and developing websites, ICT management and being able to advise digital development provisions based on the respective institution’s functions are highly preferred as Chief Digital Officer.

Managing Digital Ecosystem

Digital development in an education environment is highly guided by the EdTech CDO who performs the role of a leader who oversees the creation and implementation of the digital ecosystem in a school or learning platform. With the rapid transformation in the education industry from in-person mode to virtual mode, the EdTech CDO has grabbed enough attention in driving the advancement rapidly and efficiently.

Supporting The School Head

A chunk of EdTech CDOs responsibility lies in working in alignment with the head of the school that is the principal or the CEO of an online learning platform. The Chief Digital Officer gives shape to the ideas and desires of the principal with respect to the education technology applications. Besides, understanding the ecosystem of the institution, learning their operations, knowing the vision as well as the special trait that it manifests, to conceptualize the digital development for that educational institution.

Work Collaboratively

An educational institution runs majorly on the involvement of the educators and other management staff who are directly in touch with the learners, thus, it is they who will be able to convey the accurate digital development opportunities that could be accepted by the larger audience. Therefore, to identify the potential of the ICT management software and applications, the EdTech CDO must collaboratively make decisions with the other members of the institutions rather than making unilateral decisions.

Simplify Complex Concepts

Showing dynamic work behaviour is one of the many special traits that an EdTech CDO should possess. By building rapport across the entire organization and attending to all types of concerns related to the organization digital development must be demonstrated by them. This majorly requires them to simplify concepts that are complex for a layman to understand. As all the staff members of the institution are not technically informed. Delivering the right knowledge about the ICT management in the institution to the target audience is one of the most significant responsibilities of the Chief Digital Officer that will affect sales considerably.

Governing Ongoing Ecology

Before the EdTech CDO begins to implement digital development, they need to oversee the ongoing ecology. Perhaps even after a new education technology innovation is planted, the next step for the Chief Digital Officer is to make sure it is obeying its obligations efficiently. This includes guiding and directing the ICT management team which requires leadership skills besides digital knowledge.

As responsibilities and duties are already briefed, it is extremely important to note that an EdTech CDO is immensely responsible for the institution’s education technology evolution. Having said that, adaptability and reliability are the two most sought qualities of the recruiters in an EdTech CDO. However, An EdTech CDO is always preferred to be an individual who is intricately familiar with the school or learning platform and brings necessary changes and continues certain successful ones that are existing. Lately, it has also been realized that the position of Chief Digital Officer is highly valued as they implement the plans and ideas with greater efficiency than an IT team together who somewhat lacks management skills.



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