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All That You Need to Know About the EdTech CTO Job Profile

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A guide for EdTech job applicants seeking for the job profile of EdTech CTO in reputed companies

EdTech job applicants often belong to an engineering and technology background who seek EdTech careers that have a well-defined IT job profile. The Chief Technology Officers are entitled to an overall responsibility of the IT team. Precisely, EdTech CTOs are entrusted with the job of controlling various subordinate portfolios such as the data science team, EdTech software developers’ team, student data management team, and other related fields. Demand for the position of chief technology officer primarily attracts experienced IT aspirants.

Average Salary

The salary of chief technology officers sheerly depends upon the size of the company that hires. A well-heeled company can pay INR 90 LPA and a start-up might pay INR 6 LPA.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles of EdTech CTOs are listed below for reference:

  • Oversee people who are in charge of designing, obtaining, and introducing new hardware, programs, and solutions to support the learning process; data analysis, control systems, and connectivity
  • Verify that all applicable rules and regulations, such as country-specific education code, and District Board Standards and Administrative Regulatory requirements, are followed
  • Convey the company’s objectives and plan of action to the workforce, and then lead the team in achieving those goals
  • Command the creation and upkeep of all information management, including pilot projects, program development, computer applications, data transformation, information processing and retrieval, and metadata controls
  • Make sure that the organization’s performance is constantly improved
  • Recruiting, appointing, guiding, coaching, disciplining, and assessing Technology Services employees.


Potential EdTech CTOs are selected on the basis of multiple factors including education, skills as well as experience:

  • The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or Information technology or interchangeable fields
  • As EdTech job applicants, they must be well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the education industry. Candidates who have served in school management or in educational IT teams are significantly preferred
  • 5 to 8 years of experience in the domain of technology solutions
  • Qualities like data analysis, strategic planning, developing software programs, and easily fostering connections would be valuable for this field
  • The chief technology officer should be a self-built leader with proficiency in directing teams and cooperating with adjacent members
  • The ability to recognize the dormant opportunities in the EdTech Industry.

Available Online Courses

  • Learn to design and operate educational platforms that define the future here, which is patronized by renowned universities. This is an 8 months course within an expense of 80K. Course content includes a wholesome curriculum of digital media’s involvement in EdTech, data mining techniques, emerging EdTech solutions.
  • Efficient Planning and Implementation could be learned by prospective EDTech CTOs in this course. Interestingly it is a free course to whet overall knowledge of the EdTech platforms. This course empowers the subscribers with selecting the right kind of technology while considering change management. Nevertheless, includes developing the programs as well. A duration of 2 weeks is enough to learn this course autonomously.

Top Recruiters of EdTech CTO

  • MAEER MIT School of Distance Education: The school was established in 2008 with a vision of culminating students with proficient knowledge to ensure recruitment. It serves as a constituent of MIT Pune.
  • Graphite: Education technology tools are widely tested and reviews are updated through this company’s communication channels. This is done to help teachers and professionals to select the right EdTech product for themselves.
  • A quick testing and reporting of particular software or application are facilitated at this company. Taking into account the demand for EdTech start-ups, EdTech CTOs are increasingly assuming positions here as wealthy EdTech companies engage with for software testing.
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