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Top 10 Boons of Having Online Exams Implemented by EdTech

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Top 10 reasons why adopting online exams over EdTech platforms are recommended for the coming future

Digital education has become a part and parcel of daily life and has transformed the conventional mode of education significantly. Ever since the world shifted to consider the relevance of EdTech platforms, it has only unfolded better opportunities and more convenient ways of learning. Similarly, numerous benefits come with online exams or evaluation of learning outcomes on EdTech platforms, which can prove its competence only when given scope to. Digital examinations are comparatively simple and less troubling than in-person examinations. Unlike the conventional mode of examination, the digital examination also does not require many resources and thus is environmental by nature. 

Enhanced Security

The apprehension of leaking question papers is alleviated in online exams as they are not carried out physically from one place to another, which makes them susceptible to malpractices. Students are also unable to cheat easily in digital examinations because question numbers are reshuffled for every student and barely anyone gets the same serially designed paper, this limits the scope of cheating easily. Once the question paper is uploaded, the work of the educators is concluded, and there is no vigilance required for safe printing as it is not there at all. 

Instant Result Declaration

EdTech platforms are equipped such that they accurately and rapidly evaluate students answer sheets by matching them against the correct data added by the examiner. Unlike paper evaluation mode which takes a tremendous amount of time and effort and is prone to human mistakes, digital examinations are risk-free and effortlessly error-free.

Remote Possibility

The custom of travelling to an examination centre for appearing in a particular exam paper is renounced by online exams. In online exams with the help of a webcam and microphone, invigilators can ensure surveillance reducing the likelihood of getting late, lost in the way, breathlessly looking for the right location etc. as online exams could be accessed from anywhere in this world. The education authorities also are relieved from the pain to assign students their centres as well as hire new invigilators for the job. 

Logistical Relief

By deploying technologies and few devices, either static or portable, online exams can be conducted. Having one device with a webcam is enough for the students to appear for the digital examination. Especially nationwide and worldwide level exams must be taken online to avoid immense pressure on the academic team that involves almost all their efforts they spend in a year.  Distributing and collecting answer sheets, evaluating them one by one, fixing the place and time based on their availability are all hectic tasks undertaken for in-person examinations, which are challenged by this modern phenomenon of online exams. 

Supports Subjective Exams

Subjective style online exams have recently been appreciated widely by the education industry because of their flexibility and ease to adapt. Students can either write their answers or even draw diagrams and upload them; they can also use the option of speech to text to illustrate the answer. The educators are extended with the feature to log in personally and check the answer. 


When it comes to competitive exams, students are obliged to pay hundreds and thousands of rupees for their participation whereas online exams cost much less than that. Both from the perspective of the examination organiser as well as the examinee, digital examinations are more feasible in terms of economical aspects. 

Auto Surveillance

The automatic system attached to an online exam portal offered by EdTech platforms ensures that the same applicant who has drafted the form is sitting in the exam. This is done by employing the advantages extended by the webcam that collaborates with the EdTech platform. This reduces the engagement of an in-charge who would admit students in the exam room. 

Ease of Viva

In a secured and proctored environment digital examination also offers a simple way of conducting viva exams without tiring the examiner to hear every student patiently. The online exam portal dedicated to viva exams can record answers of all students simultaneously and store them for further usage, which can be heard by the examiner at their convenience and marked accordingly without any pressure or exhaustion. 

Better Exam Management

Unlike the traditional method of exams, online exams expand the scope to make last-minute corrections in the question paper, which is not possible after printing out the hard copy of the paper. Also in offline exams, it is a hectic process to analyse and print different sets of question paper, whereas in the digital examination this challenge is overcome beautifully by designing and extending as many sets of questions to students as the examiner wants. 

Question Paper Generation

It is relatively easier to design and set a question paper on the EdTech platform than manually setting them in pen and paper. Besides mitigating the likelihood of going through a tedious process of logistics, the examiner can also be relieved of the stress that concern paper leakage as soft copies does not reach students easily. 


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