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8 Best EdTech Assistive Tools Featuring as Freshers Gear

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EdTech assistive tools

Freshers are blessed with various EdTech Assistive Tools culminating in the future of education.

Usually, students in their first year of university or college are nervous about every activity and assignment they receive. To diminish the wad of nervousness encountered by them, multiple EdTech assistive tools are available to aid them in their endeavor. Creativity and knowledge are already invested in their maneuvers, the burden of manually implementing all ideas accelerates the haste in their work. EdTech is upgraded vigorously to equip the freshers with enough assistive tools to not land them into unnecessary time consumption. Freshers can take references from the top 8 EdTech assistive tools listed below to assuage manual labor.

MS Office

One of the most popular technologies and software powered by Microsoft for all the people belonging to every walk of life. Precisely, students have benefited most from this software because of its user-friendly interface and multiple other applications offered by them. MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel are some of the highly recognized platforms in relieving considerable stress faced by freshers in accomplishing their activities. Although any replacement of this technology is possible, for the time being, it is serving as the most sought EdTech assistive tool for the freshers in taking notes, writing assignments, preparing presentations, and structuring data.


Essayistic reportage and long paragraphs are involved in almost all kinds of courses and subjects pursued by the freshers. Therefore, Grammarly is an AI-powered software that serves as one of the most efficient correction assistants. Free availability as well as premium quality, implying subscription rates are found in this EdTech assistive tool. Beginners can undoubtedly use the free version to apply for correction, plagiarism, and other writing errors. This will enhance their writing capacity as well as boost a writer’s confidence.

Google Meet

With the current situation at hand virtual delivery of lectures or remote education is exclusively supported by the video conferencing application, of which google meet is one of the tremendously used platforms. Uninterrupted services extended by google meet are what is admired by their users and free subscription without much expenditure of energy and money, classes can be conducted. The platform created to help boundless communication has now evolved as an EdTech assistive tool shouldering live online classes across the world.

Screen recording Software

 With the emergence of a blended model of education organized with the help of multiple video conferencing applications, the need for recording classes has also become a custom. From evading absence to saving lectures for future use, the need to record classes has appeared as a necessity of the current generation. Although earlier this facility was not available and neither was the need recognized, now it is determining revisions of a student. As far as the freshers are concerned the habit of retaining focus for a long while is somehow dissected by the home environment. This technology can save their foundational knowledge from being left out.

Google Drive

Be it online or offline education, digital versions of submissions are largely employed. Online submissions through email or using links are always preferred to be uploaded in google drive first. Once a file is uploaded in google drive it could be shared via link or as a file and could be downloaded from any device at any time. Google Drive is also feasible storage for the students to stock their digital assignments as well as scanned physical documents. Until and unless the 15GB is vanquished, the data stored in it are safe and secured both for use as well as sharing.

Google Classroom

Study materials are always an integral part of giving exams and referring to the lectures too. Pdfs, word documents, video links, videos, audios, and presentations are easily shared by Professors with the students rather than emailing each one of them or using WhatsApp which has high chances of misplacement. Google classroom is specifically dedicated to classroom notes being shared by teachers and accessed by students. This could be considered as a virtual classroom for imperative announcements that would be addressed by all evenly.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is another most popular software that aids in editing digital content. With everything shifting to digital media, it becomes tedious to sometimes face significant drawbacks with file extensions, picture format, and many others. To avert this trouble of last-minute setback, adobe creative cloud offers more than 20 EdTech assistive tools that facilitate the translation of files. Students belonging to visual arts courses are largely benefitted from Adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and many more.


Systematic storage of notes and other important documents is the exclusive characteristic of this EdTech assistive tool. This is also referred to as a digital exercise book for freshers who can take notes without having to carry plenty of Papers along to take notes. Saving highlighted pdfs is another function of this tool. It also allows access to all the saved files across devices and lets you download them for offline use.

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