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Advanced Education that is Embracing Cognitive Computing Pedagogy

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Cognitive computing pedagogy easing student management in advanced education environment

Cognitive computing system is an assistive digital tool that is cohesively skilled to make decisions during complex situations by emulating human senses. Advanced education is not only limited to learning digitally, but it has broadened fields that need to be recognized and comprehended like cognitive computing pedagogy. Identifying students and their aptitude is essential for an effective delivery of knowledge and thus cognitive computing for teachers is developed to accomplish this purpose. Cognitive computing systems adopt autodidacticism techniques through data mining to build these assistive tools for educators.

Overcoming Challenges

Often both teachers and students strive to connect with each other during a certain lesson. Although the teacher is using an easy method to explain, some students are still clueless, which causes an uneven distribution of knowledge and increases chances of backlogs. Cognitive computing pedagogy has the power to conceal this loophole permanently and enable each and every attendee in the class to understand a concept. The assistive digital tool can both hear each student’s query and confuse them to interpret it to the teachers and explain the same concept in their way to them. This resembles how comparing 5 different students to one of their capabilities is not justified. It is an honest struggle for some students to make the teachers understand where they are lagging.

Determining Student Learning Behavior

Pace of learning and catching concepts vary from one student to another, thereby making some students vulnerable to being left out when the majority progress. Therefore, by perceiving the standards of learning new concepts in different students, cognitive computing pedagogy culminates informed teachers and educators. Furthermore, it also designs different curricula for different students. Certainly, encouraging efficiency of the teachers as the teachers get a clear image of the student learning behavior.

Optimizing Study Plans

Various students have interests in diverse fields such as music, sports, screenplay, art, photography etc. By recognizing the quality of the students, the cognitive computing pedagogy prepares the study plan as well as the faculty in charge to train the students in accordance with the extra-curricular activity they are involved in. Moreover, cognitive computing for teachers is highly recommended as they also closely screen student progress and identify every moment of shutter encountered by the students. Immediate identification prompts the cognitive computing system to adapt to an altered method of delivering the lesson.

Student Advisory

Besides aiding teachers with cognitive computing pedagogy, cognitive computing systems also help students to accomplish their goals. Often students find it difficult to cope with their career objectives and certainly choose the wrong path against their will. The cognitive computing system works as that assistive digital tool, which quiz the students to suggest them the most suitable and interesting career. However, the effort does not stop here, they also advise the students on how to acquire the cutoff grade and what are assignments need to be done to appear for the entrance exam scheduled by the university, the student must apply owing to their career goal.

 Role of IBM

The famous discovery of Watson by IBM is not failing to ace in almost every industry and emerging successful in gathering positive response. Accordingly, advanced education is similarly graced with the deployment of IBM Watson that is interacting in natural language. The system is empowering teachers to offer personalized training to students. This is caused largely because of the capacity of the cognitive computing pedagogy to recognize individual student needs and consequently lead students to receive comprehensive lessons. Technologies invented by IBM are immensely transforming the digital space and its uses as they are highly powered with AI and ML applications.


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