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Inexorable Yet Moderate EdTech Growth in Post-Pandemic India

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Post-pandemic EdTech benefits to sustain the EdTech growth allowing significant EdTech recruitment

Experts believe that the rapid EdTech growth led by the pandemic may witness a steady decline in the post-pandemic scenario as the in-person mode of education begins. However, the decline is not going to be as drastic as the growth as the new system has claimed enormous benefits for the education industry. Ensuing this development EdTech recruitment, as well as investment in EdTech, will remain unaffected for the next few years. Some of the EdTech benefits that were realized by the education industry are effective than the offline mode of learning. This includes python learning, classroom management software, and many others.

The Growth Rate

As the in-person mode of education commences, the demand for EdTech will still be there but the growth rate will be affected. Precisely, the post-pandemic growth rate will not be as prevalent as the current EdTech growth rate. Implying the industry will still grow at a gradual trend. The government’s endeavour in imparting coding to primary school students, as well as loads of infrastructure concerning the EdTech benefits, will be adopted by a large number of late adopters in the education industry. Furthering the EdTech trend to continue in connivance to predictive socio-economical, health, and other challenges.

 Persisting EdTech Benefits

No wonder how EdTech rescued the education system from drowning during the pandemic, proving its competence, EdTech further assumed a strong position in the post-pandemic India as well. Tools extended to enhance productivity such as in the management, record-keeping, and cost-efficient techniques to cope with regular and repetitive tasks. Extensively, personalized study programs and remote assessments are also adopted by the in-person education model to complement the process. The ability of EdTech applications to devote equal time and energy to every learner in terms of specific services is also widely appreciated. Far and wide EdTech benefits are floating over the surface for the industry to procure that will only revamp the learning culture.

New Career Roles

An approximate 60K job openings are reserved in the EdTech despite the recent development in opening educational campuses. These roles are spread across all levels of EdTech recruitment. After the pandemic hit the world, the EdTech recruitment has seen an upward trend by 60%. Nevertheless, new job opportunities or career roles are also emerging victorious in the EdTech space. Owing to the challenges in education from a distance, EdTech space demands professionals who can work under the given circumstances without being bothered by the challenges. Greater emphasis is asserted on looking for virtual tutors who can give B-Roll tutorials, virtual lab instructors, student engagement executives, tech guides for students during online exams, virtual career counsellors and counsellors.

Post-Pandemic Investment Trend

As the in-person learning resumes, it is inevitable to note that the EdTech will not be invariably prosperous but the futuristic plans that EdTech companies reveal are impressive. Perhaps, extensive facilities which were not available in the traditional mode of learning are accurately extended by the EdTech. Revolutionizing EdTech benefits such as covering loads of students at an acceptable cost, effective student engagement programs, and other sorted loopholes have prompted educational institutions to plant EdTech applications. This opportunity is positively perceived by the EdTech investors and investment in EdTech stands only merely affected. Multiple investors and venture capitalists have already entered into potential deals with EdTech exceeding the pandemic duration. The distinctive factors for the EdTech growth are identified as future prospects that define the expansion of EdTech immensely.


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