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Importance of Quality-Based Education for EdTech Startups

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Role of EdTech startups in providing quality-based education

India’s employability concerns point toward an education system still relying on academic information which also serves as the base for skill assessment. However, the want is for a core curriculum based on skills of tomorrow and realistic information about those skills. With the increase of EdTech startups employing technology and adopting artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and IoT for core curriculum growth and training methods, the educational landscape is undergoing remarkable changes. The latest national and global employment standards require conceptual understanding from students, which can assist them to enlarge their skills. This emphasizes the significance of quality-based education in providing students with pinnacle skills for future enlargement. With the latest National Education Policy of 2020, India is rethinking school teaching, but it is evenly significant for the country to restore higher education with the thought of instilling practical skills in youthful students. Quality-based education allows students to study at their speed and in their surroundings, eliminating the one-size-fits-all framework of the classroom. It permits students to master concepts in their own time while learning how to think seriously, conduct research, and form their own opinions. By providing value-added courses and technical training, quality-based learning prepares the student for the office of tomorrow and helps decrease the training and employee onboarding expenses for companies. Moreover, the importance of quality-based education promotes financial development by attracting extra skilled newcomers to the workforce, rising employment, and employability.

While we do currently understand that quality-based education is the need of the hour, it is still essential to appreciate what all needs to be completed to effectively and professionally implement this shift in our educational system. First, we need to make sure that the curriculum’s highlighting is always on understanding rather than memorizing information within a given timeline. Second, students necessitate conductive quality-based learning resources ranging from the most current technological advancements to mentors who can help students with individual and professional development. But most significantly, we need to alter the evaluation methods because there is additional to a learner’s life than just the competitive longing to be labeled a “topper.”

With the nudge of technology and speedily changing educational trends, EdTech startups have started playing an important role in education. It would not be wrong to say that the increase of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the resulting limitations have amplified the use of technology in education. In this worldwide crisis, EdTech startups, on the one hand, empowered the students from rural and remote areas to carry on their education through the utilization of e-Learning apps. On the other hand, EdTech startups keenly assisted different institutions and training centres in bridging the gap between their teaching methodologies and technological advancements.

With the main goal of simplifying the learning procedure, facilitating comprehensive learning, and making the educational scheme more well-organized, EdTech startups are also promoting skill developments on a holistic stage. By educating industry-oriented technical skills while also pursuing soft skills for general personality growth, the core curriculum most EdTech startups are following is serving to bridge the gap between teaching and understanding, thus creating solid quality-based learning.

This latest core curriculum is regulating and adapting the current education system to societal wants and patterns. And with the existing situation forcing one to think again about the definitions and goals of quality-based education in the wake of a new normal, it is secure to say that EdTech is the wise future of education, and is already bringing about a vast change to the employability of millions of students in India through quality-based education.

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