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Top CRM Software for Marketing Management in EdTech Companies

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Top EdTech CRM software available for the purpose of education management in an EdTech company

CRM or Customer Relation Management software are used for automating computerized interaction with existing and potential customers. CRM software synchronizes marketing, sales, customer service and support with a response system that is constantly connected to the customers. EdTech companies operate almost over the digital space and thus, EdTech CRM are essentially a part of their marketing management team. There are a variety of CRM software and one needs to figure out which one is suitable for their education technology platform.

LeadSquared CRM 

By bringing the marketing and sales team on the same upfront, this CRM software combines CRMs and marketing automation to yield the best customer responses and further influence potential leads. Various features that come with this EdTech CRM encourages business profitability for the EdTech company. These include pre-made email templates, email marketing, web forms, captures lead from social media platforms, CRM and marketing analytics. Besides accountability is equally high that compose CRM and sales reports and import and export data. 

Oracle NetSuite CRM

Available on windows, IOS and android including mobile devices. The CRM software empowers the employees with the ability to manage front office operations through a single cloud-based software. Seamless convergence of e-commerce, warehousing and accounting makes it even more desirable. Project, financial, and event management are some of the aspects accessed on this By EdTech companies. Besides, social CRM, sales forecasting and appointment management makes it largely usable. 

Zoho CRM

As an assistance to EdTech companies, this CRM software provides a holistic view of the customer relationship lifecycle. Beyond that, Zoho CRM is also proficient in maintaining the entire customer management process. While customer support, sales and marketing remains the basic functions extended, inventory management is another beneficial solution available. It also offers open source applications for occasional use and subscriptions to avail advanced features are also there. However, apart from all these, lead generation from different digital platforms and on-demand SaaS are also facilitated by the CRM software.

Simply CRM

By following very basic code of conduct in build the CRM software, Simply CRM eases the operations and functions of their application. EdTech companies across the world are in varied scales and this EdTech CRM software is dedicated to small and medium size businesses. The EdTech employees who are newly recruited or learning to manage CRM must start with this as it is efficient yet easy to operate. The main aim of Simply CRM in education technology is to enable users to be assured of a friendly interface, which has no rocket science to learn. Enhancing marketing management and workflow management are the two main objectives of the CRM software.

Hubspot CRM

Almost all sizes of EdTech companies can be accommodated in this CRM software. The software is primarily inclined at lead generation. It helps in keeping a constant eye on any and everyone who is visiting the website and could be a potential lead. By extracting these leads their status against the education technology company is also measured from time to time . The marketing management is already preoccupied with a bulk of tasks l, for them this software sifts the leads and reflects the contacts that are probably going to fetch results. 

Leadforce CRM 

The education technology is endowed with this cloud based software, which mainly provides a single platform for all the marketing management and customer support operations. The smart features embedded in Leadforce are easing navigation, decrease failures in attaining the goal. Along with lead management, lead scoring, lead verification and segmentation are some of the complementary characteristics of the software. Contract management and call monitoring are special attributes that help education technology to not only extract leads but also to keep note of their changing behaviour towards the company. 


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