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Top Six Best EdTech Companies Transforming Robotics

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Here is the list of the top six best EdTech companies transforming robotics

When there is a talk about educational technology or EdTech, people usually think of a classroom full of students immersed in their tablets or smartphones—perhaps dissecting cyber-rats? That happens, undoubtedly, but EdTech goes beyond K-12 classroom engagement tools, and plays a very important role in the learning experience. The growing educational technology industry bounds any and all technology that facilitates learning for both student and teacher. That includes classroom assessment tools for teachers, education-specific fundraising sites, reader-adaptive e-books, and more. And catering to this need are edtech companies that are using new-age technologies to educate, entertain, and engage the modern student. This article features the top six best EdTech companies transforming robotics and artificial intelligence.

Here is the list of the top six best EdTech companies transforming robotics


Founded in October 2014 by three IIT Bombay post-graduates Chintan Raikar, Prashant Iyengar, and Sneh Vaswani, Emotix aims to address the social needs of Indian parents and children. With a team of engineers, mathematicians, artists, and neuro-psychologists, the company created Miko – an artificial intelligence (AI) based companion robot.

Miko is capable of engaging, educating, and entertaining children above five years of age. The robot helps in the early education and development of children by engaging in “playful learning”. It can initiate and hold conversations, impart knowledge based on the academic curriculum, and talk about general facts about the world. It is one of the best EdTech companies transforming robotics in the field of education.

STEMROBO Technologies

Next on the list of the top six best EdTech companies transforming robotics is STEMROBO Technologies. Founded in 2015, this is a Noida-based educational technology company that aims on embracing technology in education. To attract young learners towards fields like STEAM, robotics, IoT, and artificial intelligence, it is one of the best EdTech companies known to provide Custom Designed Patented DIY Kits, STEM-based Toys Innovative Pedagogy, World-Class Content, and Methodologies through a team of more than two hundred innovation engineers.

As mentioned by NITI Aayog, STEMROBO Technologies are the ATL equipment vendors for more than 1200 Atal Tinkering Labs in schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya, DPS, DAV Public School, Bharatiya Vidhya Mandir, and Apeejay School.


RoboKart’s mission is to investigate, analyze, and learn robotics the correct method for creating STEM in India. Aside from giving parts to set up labs in state-funded schools, RoboKart has additionally attempted to show this drive to government schools in rustic regions. In an attempt to further promote this inquisitiveness, the startup will launch a new module to enable users to learn without physically attending the training programs, along with online courses for kids. RoboKart surely is one of the best EdTech companies in India.


Based out of Ludhiana, Whizrobo provides products and training materials for artificial intelligence and robotics to the K-12 segment. To make mindful about STEM training, the startups provide online courses, Robotic Kits, Online Workshops to motivate young minds to innovate. Whizrobo is an authorized channel partner for Punjab with AVM infotech India Pvt Ltd and is a listed vendor for NITI Aayog’s initiative.


Since its beginning in 2009, the organization produces and sells robotic kits. With its principle-centered around robotics, this educational technology company also develops an in-school robotic curriculum for children and installs robotic and science labs in schools. True to its name, Avishkaar intends to make an environment with intuitive learning encounters that energize development in STEAM fields.

Comp Point

In the list of the top six best EdTech companies transforming robotics, last is Comp Point. With an aim to cultivate students as neoteric innovators and future prodigies, Comp Point has set up Atal Tinkering Lab in 35 schools. This is one of the best EdTech companies known to provide the right training to faculties, mentorship to students to create tech-based projects, and flexible layout designs that can be customized according to the school’s requirements. Apart from the lab infrastructure, Comp Point also hosts competitions, exhibitions, and workshops to create interest in STEM fields.

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