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Top EdTech Trends in 2022 To Manifest the Future of Education

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Powerful technology trends to define EdTech trends in 2022 and step towards smart education

After the pandemic, the definition of formal education has enormously taken shape of education technology. Digital devices and remote access to education have become the new normal that is potentially going to dictate the foreseeable future as well. The ongoing year is evidently setting impressive EdTech trends for the upcoming years, thus, making EdTech in 2022 even more likely to be appreciated by the future of education. The idea of smart education has always been surfacing in the forum of the decision-makers; however, it made its way itself through the opportunity extended by the pandemic. Subsequently defining the standards of the future of education.

EdTech Trend 1: Online Resources

The physical availability of textbooks exercise books, class notes will be considerably replaced with various online resources like e-textbooks, document management software, and uploading class notes on google classroom. Apart from that student will be able to choose between online and offline presence in the classroom during their sick leaves. This will enable them to not miss out on any lessons and lectures by the teachers.

EdTech Trend 2: Complementary Learning

The trait of virtual courses to be flexible, affordable, independent, and short impresses a large number of students as they look forward to acquiring knowledge from different fields other than the prime subject they are pursuing.  Alongside their obligation to the main course of study, their interests in fields like public speaking, Python, C++ will be equally addressed.

EdTech Trend 3: Personalised Guidance

EdTech in 2020 is expected to see exponential growth over the EdTech learning platforms because of the AI-powered learning experiences. All the students are different and so as their aptitude and approach, artificial intelligence is equipped to identify each student with their own capability while they go through a course of study. Further providing a personalized interface to rely upon to the students.

EdTech Trend 4: AR and VR in Education

Various research reports suggest investments in EdTech have been drawn sizeably with the introduction of VR and AR in education, which was considered a distant dream in the future of education. The employment of AR and VR will change the face of smart education extensively. Students who are currently exposed to this technology are an example of the opportunities awaiting VR and AR in EdTech in 2020.

EdTech Trend 5: Accessibility

The access to EdTech in 2020 will renounce the constraints of education because of the affordable availability of educational resources as well as remote access. Only a computer or a laptop or a smartphone is enough to complete a curriculum without the requirement of any other materials like stationery, books, and copies.

EdTech Trend 6: Mainstream Appearance of Diverse Courses

While the education industry tends to specialize in lessons and courses that are only vital and subject-specific, education technology is firmly dedicated to diverse fields of learning. These fields include exam preparation studies, emerging technology development studies, personal development courses, formal behaviour learning courses. The EdTech in 2020 will implement a fusion of the education system that will be indeed interesting to witness.

A Vital Flexibility

Besides being remotely accessible to the people, it is also less discriminatory as the status of marriage or the age bar does not have a role to play in this system of education. This facilitates its roots to be spread across the world penetrating deeper to help develop the literacy level. This is not all that the education technology has to extend, a more interactive and vaster field of exposure is what convicts’ people to incline towards smart education making the EdTech trend imperative in the economy.

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