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How YouTube Algorithms are Promoting EdTech Marketing Campaigns?

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Educational institutes and companies are bracing themselves with EdTech marketing

Schools, educational institutes, and EdTech entrepreneurs across the country are bracing themselves for the new normal in education through YouTube Algorithms. EdTech or education technology combines computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. Experts predict that the Indian education technology sector will touch US$3.5 billion by the end of 2022. Autonomous EdTech companies that still do not have a loyal base of EdTech subscribers will have to buck up their efforts in EdTech marketing as the competition amongst giant EdTech companies is intensifying day by day. This article features how YouTube algorithms are promoting EdTech marketing campaigns?

India has more than 325 million YouTube users and for the country’s fast-growing EdTech industry, this statistic indicates a considerable opportunity to reach people who are using the platform for online learning. 85 percent of video viewers in India say YouTube helps them learn or improve skills that interest them and the enthusiasm for e-learning is seen in Search trends. Since 2019, search interest in online education has increased by 50%, and search interest in e-learning has risen by 75%.

In India, Edureka and upGrad are two education technology EdTech companies that have figured out how to build deep connections with audiences through their YouTube channels. Utilizing a data-driven content strategy, Edureka developed its channel from 1 to 3 million subscribers in two years, and upGrad’s hearty innovative partnership with content makers assisted it with drawing in viewers in the millions. Both EdTech companies offer lessons on how EdTech brands can unlock the power of YouTube as EdTech marketing for growth.

Experiment and embrace creators’ remarkable characters to create credible content

The readiness of upGrad, one of South Asia’s biggest web-based education companies, to experiment and trust its content creator partners, empowered it to draw a huge number of online viewers.

Whenever upGrad was creating content for its campaign #KaamKiDegree (a useful degree) to reach young, ambitious working adults, it continually explored different avenues regarding new to realize what content would reverberate with its audience. upGrad collaborated with more than 70 creators to deliver videos in a variety of styles, and ultimately found its audience enjoys comedy-style learning content. After a video joint effort with entertainer Kumar Varun pulled in 440,000 perspectives, upGrad changed its YouTube content strategy to invest more in similar partnerships with comedy creators.

For instance, upGrad collaborated with YouTube personality and comedian BeYouNick to create “The Office Canteen,” a series of quirky sketches based on real-life scenarios set in a typical Indian office cafeteria, hence the series namesake. The series leaned into the comedian’s personal style of creative storytelling to naturally incorporate mentions of upGrad’s educational courses and their benefits into the storyline and dialogue. The fun and uncontrived way it promoted its courses through the YouTube content series led to a spike in search interest for “upGrad courses.”

The successful collaboration between YouTube Algorithms and EdTech has led to a 41% inspire in impressions, 27% expansion in leads, and 52% increment in a natural application introduction. The content series’ strong results won it the YouTube Works Awards for best collaboration in 2021.

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