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Education Technology: The Game Changer for Industry 4.1

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This article features how education technology will become the game-changer for Industry 4.1

Today, people are at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution 4.1. Improvements in artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, and machine learning are going on dangerously fast and are increasing each other. This speed of progress is uncommon in history and is establishing the framework for a more inclusive revolution. While this up-and-coming change holds extraordinary guarantees, it requires an alternate methodology from different areas like education, skilling, and work. This article features how education technology will become the game-changer for Industry 4.1.

Artificial Intelligence and Education Technology

Vitally, next-gen Artificial Intelligence platforms can proactively initiate conversations with users, leading to the improvement of knowledge and critical thinking skills – a key facet of “Socratic” learning. If through ongoing interactions the Artificial Intelligence notes that a student is struggling with a particular concept, focus can be placed on this topic until a strong level of understanding is reached.

Robotics and Education Technology

Robotics for kids is a compendium of different disciplines that provides children with knowledge related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Educational robotics for kids is a sub-discipline of robotics applied to the academic field that focuses on the design, analysis, implementation, and operation of robots. It can be taught at all educational levels, from nursery and primary education to postgraduate studies.

Internet of Things in Education Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a changing dynamic in the field of education. The adaptation of the digital tools is not just making education omnipresent but also is making traditional systems of education more efficient and inclusive.

Smartphones and tablets in digital classrooms are being used by students for almost all age groups. The explanation of the complex processes via augmented reality and graphics is taking place to cater to a better understanding. Schools and educational institutes are keeping an online real-time track record of the student’s progress on their portals.

The pandemic-led boom in Education Technology

Catalyzed by the effect of COVID-19, acceptance, and growth of education technology have catapulted over the past year. With the pandemic, teachers, students, professors, even institutions had to pivot and adopt online modes of learning. After a year of digital lessons, users are realizing the potential, the scope for personalized learning, and the convenience that Education Technology brings.

Emerging job opportunities in India

According to reports, by 2025, the average estimated time spent by humans and machines at work will be at parity based on today’s tasks. For instance, to build an EV, professionals must be trained in mechanical engineering, neuroscience, electronics, machine learning, the Internet of Things, robotics, and much more and not just focus on automobile engineering. Some of the trending jobs in 2021 that are going to stay relevant in the foreseeable future are in emerging technologies, full-stack development, coding, data science, and gaming. Machine Learning and robotics roles continue to play a significant role in India’s emerging jobs landscape, as machine learning and robotics untie innovation and possibilities. The usage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are being advanced across a range of sectors, from healthcare to cybersecurity and more.


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