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Top 7 Strategies to Attract Web Traffic for EdTech Marketing

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EdTech marketing strategies to boost results of advertising in EdTech and to generate immense web traffic

In an EdTech business, putting efforts for EdTech marketing primarily includes promotion of the website. This EdTech promotion is an essential ingredient to entice web traffic towards the website. The EdTech advertisements can be in various ways across all available platforms over the internet. Advertising in EdTech is often carried by adding links in useful content, pre-roll advertisement in video streaming apps, call to action buttons on social media, digital marketing posters and sponsored search results. Using the available EdTech marketing option in the most relevant way possible does not only attract new visitors but also retain them as customers. However, as a first step generating leads and bringing visitors to the website is primary, thus, striving towards this purpose will certainly yield results.

Flexible Website

EdTech marketing cannot be accomplished if the EdTech website is not user-friendly and an easy-to-use interface is not provided. Website users will distance themselves from websites that are not adaptable to different kinds of devices and search engines. Therefore, the configuration of the EdTech website is immensely significant as it must comply with all smart device users requirements. Moreover, the next step to this advertising in EdTech is having a responsive website. The EdTech websites that initiate replies within a tolerant period are highly recognized by the search engine and are ranked satisfactorily. Sometimes these are done through emails, SMS or chatbots present on the website itself.


Ease the job of SEO to recognize the EdTech website as useful. This would require an EdTech promotion measure where the EdTech website must be relevant enough and convincing enough to other associated businesses and websites so that they use links in their content that direct users to the EdTech website. This is one of the major EdTech marketing strategies that is stressed by almost all EdTech advertisement managers. By influencing other websites and building meaningful networks with local publications can further strengthen this effort.

Appropriate Content

Become a source of relevant information and educational blogs to the EdTech leads. Other than directing efforts towards making informative ads, posting informative and insightful contents concerning certain fields of knowledge procurement can help the EdTech website gain abundant web traffic. Pouring constant efforts in producing reliable content but updated will encourage web traffic to consider enrolling into the respective EdTech service to gain an experience. Nevertheless, it will also assist the target audience to discover faster in this competitive network.

Optimize Email Automation

Sharing email content that is useful to the target audience and beyond just what the EdTech company is all about can help them return to the website time and again. EdTech marketing is not always flooded with boast messages, it is more compassionate towards education. Email marketing is one of the primary EdTech marketing strategies which is facilitated by collecting contact databases of the web traffic who visit the website at least once. By ensuring their security and relieving them from the doubt of data breach, EdTech advertisement can be successfully driven through emails and responses to the email’s ids. AWeber, Mailchimp, CRM operators like Hubspots are immensely beneficial for email marketing and advertising in EdTech as learners and educators are highly active on their emails lately.

Keyword Consciousness

While creating content, it is imperative to include keywords and phrases into the written content that are mostly used by the EdTech leads in the search engine. This will further ensure optimization of readability as it will become easier for the search engine to display the respective website on the top. After thorough keyword research on applications like Moz, SEMrush, keywords should be used. Thus, taking into account various words and phrases that can enhance advertising in EdTech or empathize with the target audience must be examined. Since EdTech marketing is inextricably based upon certain SEO norms, it is crucial to adhere to the strategies that can convince SEO evaluation.

Review Collection

Gathering reviews from customers who have already used the EdTech service must be encouraged as these will testify for the respective EdTech website for further selection by others. Having collected sufficient reviews, they must be visible to the web traffic of the EdTech website. By using various tools like Google+, Yelp, Yellowbot can direct web traffic to a review site rapidly and conveniently. Therefore, reviews consist of a chunk of advantages to advertising in EdTech.

Complementing Social Media

Be it for B2C or B2B, every kind of EdTech marketing objective can be attained if social media is employed in the EdTech promotion plan. Almost all types of EdTech clients have an active presence over all social media platforms, thus, to entice them and interact with them a social media account is essential. Having a business account on social media helps have an engaging performance. Further helps evaluate social media presence and how much people are liking your EdTech business. Just having a presence will definitely not serve the purpose. Regular uploading of content that advocates for the company as well as aiding people in their process of availing the respective service over the social media platform is important.

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