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CISO in Education Technology: Top Roles and Responsibilities

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This article features roles and responsibilities of Chief Information Security Officer or CISO in education technology

The profession of chief information security officer is a fairly new position in the corporate world. The role of CISO has only been around for about 25 years, but the position has become more prominent within the last decade due to the importance of cybersecurity. Understanding the duties and responsibilities of CISO in education technology is crucial in providing your education technology or Ed-Tech business with the highest level of protection against cybersecurity threats.

Not every company has a top-level security executive: According to IDG’s 2020 Security Priorities Study, 61% of surveyed companies do, though that rate goes up to 80% for large enterprises. But in companies that employ such an executive, they play a crucial role: the same study found that companies without a CISO or CSO were more likely to say their employee security training was inadequate and security strategy was insufficiently proactive than those who had such officers.

More Than Technical Skills

The role of a CISO in the Ed-Tech industry is not as clear-cut as in other C-suite positions. One reason for the lack of clarity is due to other competing roles, whether it’s chief security, cybersecurity, technology, or chief information officer. Each business is different, as a chief information security officer may report to the CEO, or their direct contact might be the CIO.

The confusion of CISO in education technology often originates from the idea of the role solely focusing on technical challenges and cybersecurity. However, the duties and responsibilities of CISO in education technology include much more than a focus on technology, whether it is offering business advice, setting enterprise goals, or being a voice of reason. Finding a chief information security officer with all of these traits is not an easy task due to the importance of needing a variety of skills.

The Evolving Role of the Chief Information Officer

All of these chief information security officer responsibilities can make a big impact in the Ed-Tech sector. Finding the right CISO for your education technology business is a great way to transform your business operations while also providing your Ed-Tech company with a much higher level of security.

The role of a CISO in education technology continues to evolve, as they take on a lot more responsibility in the workplace compared to the mid-90s. So, what does a CISO need to do to succeed in this rapidly growing Ed-Tech industry?

A CISO in Education Technology Needs a Broad Range of Skills

Many people are still under the false impression that a chief information security officer needs technical skills to succeed in the education technology sector. However, that is only one small piece of the puzzle, as a CISO also has a large leadership role. Along with the technical knowledge, a chief information security officer needs a much broader range of non-technical skills to become successful.

How to Be a Successful Chief Information Security Officer

A CISO in education technology needs a specific skill set to be successful in this constantly challenging work environment. These skills include understanding business operations, having superior communication skills, knowing cybersecurity best practices, a strong background in governance and human resource management. These are the skills enabling a CISO to succeed in this constantly challenging work environment.

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