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Top Postgraduate EdTech Courses in Europe to Appraise

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Worthwhile Postgraduate EdTech courses offered in Europe for EdTech aspirants

An undergraduate degree in the field of technology possibly qualifies a student for pursuing EdTech courses in the immediate future. So far it has become enormously apparent how the future of education is going to look like. Thus, establishing a career in education technology can immensely prove to be fruitful in the foreseeable future. Multiple courses are extended to the EdTech aspirants from various universities. However, students willing to pursue a masters in Europe can go through the following Postgraduate EdTech courses available there.

Master Management of Technology Enhanced Learning

University of Oldenburg located at Oldenburg in Germany offers this Postgraduate EdTech course over the online medium for a duration of 5 years. Course contents are delivered in the English language, easing the trouble to learn new languages for the distant students. The EdTech course follows a part-time curriculum enabling working professionals to complete their post-graduate studies. Without having to relocate the EdTech aspirants can enhance their proficiency in the field by obtaining this EdTech course.

M.Sc. in Smart EdTech

Combination of online as well as on-campus curriculum is set to carry forward this EdTech course by Université Côte d’Azur situated in Nice, France. EdTech aspirants looking ahead to this program of Master’s in Europe must be available for a full-time 2 years course delivered in English. The course content includes studies related to disruptive technology that has prompted pedagogy to become more flexible and effective.

Master in Education Technology and Instructional Design

This EdTech course is specifically meant for the EdTech aspirants who contemplate the position of the instructors and educators in the education technology model of learning. MIA Digital University, which is based in Barcelona has designed the post-graduate curriculum to assist the budding EdTech teachers to adapt to the advancing environment of education and how to integrate effective techniques. It is a one-year course and students can attend online while both full time and part-time is available.

Masters in Learning, Education and Technology

EdTech aspirants keen on acquiring a wholesome knowledge of education technology may find this the best fit for their interest. The Postgraduate EdTech course content includes understanding and developing modern education broadened in different fields such as conducting, designing and analysing the difference between in-person and online mode. This is an on-campus full-time postgraduate course offered by the University of Oulu in Finland.

Masters in Game Studies

As we all know, education technology is expanding itself in various ways and is not limited to the online curriculum. Playing video games has lately been considered a useful technique to educate children without having them compel themselves to the books. Tampere University in Finland extends this EdTech course to the students who are willing to work with the innovative technology to imbibe in the EdTech industry. This is a full-time on-campus course that needs no knowledge of the regional language as it can be continued in English.

Masters in Education Technology

Full-time postgraduate EdTech course in the European country of Estonia at the University of Tartu. For a duration of one year, the EdTech aspirant is subjected to learn education technology in depth to implement the knowledge in their career concerning the industry. The curriculum is scheduled to carry out over the online mode.

Advanced Master of Digital Humanities

The subject is designed to deal with the digital and computational techniques involved in research studies dedicated to humanities. Furthermore, the enhancement of processes and skills in the field of arts and humanities that is caused by digital disruption is also included. KU Leuven in Belgium advances this Postgraduate EdTech course to the EdTech aspirants willing to do their Master’s in Europe. To obtain the knowledge one has to be present on-campus for a full-time academic course.

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