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Top Seven Indian EdTech Startups Everyone Should Know About

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EdTech Startups

EdTech Start-ups are also doing a great job in shaping the Indian education industry

EdTech start-ups in India are making headlines these days. During the pandemic, they’ve got the chance to sparkle. Today, India’s EdTech industry is the second greatest on the planet and it is just rising. The business is set to touch $3.2 billion by 2022. It is one of the areas that has seen a quick development in the pandemic. During the lockdown education industry relied upon innovation to keep educating.

Here are the top seven EdTech start-ups every teacher and student should know about:


This college search engine helps students tracking down the right universities for themselves. It groups data about higher education in India or abroad. CollegeDunia focuses on helping students get enough information about 27,000 colleges, 7000+ courses, 350+ exams of various streams so that students can make a better decision for themselves. As of now, they are centered on the development of their versatile application as 38% of their traffic comes from that point.


Founded in 2013, Cuemath is an after-school math enhancement program. They are one of the EdTech start-ups in India that spotlights gamified learning and has changed the perspective of seeing math for both educators and students. It has a ‘learn-by-doing approach. It additionally plans to advance ‘out of the box thinking and love for math among younger students. The best part is Cuemath empowers female teachers and furnishes them with significant working opportunities.

Hello English by Culturealley

Culturealley is one of the EdTech start-ups that spotlight teaching different languages. It works on improving the language learning experience for students. You can learn any language through Culturealley’s audio-visual lessons or you can recruit an educator.

Nonetheless, culture Alley is most popular for its free language application “Hi English”. It makes learning English simpler through recordings and the alternative to take specific classes. It turned into the top learning application on the play store within a year of its launch.

Dost Education

The Next Billion EdTech Prize winner, Dost education is a non-profit EdTech platform. It empowers low-income parents to have the option to teach their little ones to give them an opportunity to learn and grow.

They do this through an audio-based educational plan that is sent to them through their cell phones. Their 24-week course expects to prepare guardians with kids from the age of 2-6 on making education fun and understandable.


Started in 2011, Edukart is an online stage pointed toward giving advanced education to students. You can get an online certificate, diploma, or degree from top colleges/Universities across the world. Edukart gives courses like MBA, Executive MBA, MCA, MSc IT and more from national and global colleges, including NMIMS, Indian School of Business, among others. The degrees granted by this stage are perceived by all major educational boards, including the UGC for India.


One of the top EdTech start-ups in India, Ekeeda provides elite technical training to students. Ekeeda was begun by Prof. Mahesh Wagh in 2009 at Mumbai is also known as “Google of Engineering”. Currently, there are 400+ courses, 15000+ lecture videos from more than 40 top colleges in India.


At present, Embibe is India’s largest Artificial Intelligence (AI) based instructive start-up in India. Founded by Aditi Avasthi in 2012 in Mumbai, Embibe uses AI and data analytics to help students work on their weak subjects, enhance their skills, boost creativity and confidence, knowledge gaps and improve their test-taking skills. It is the best application for the students that are preparing for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET and government jobs. One can access educational material for free but you have to pay for personalized feedback.

In conclusion, soon India can become the leader in the EdTech Industry as the cost of online education is effectively low as compared to offline education, and the number of internet users is constantly increasing. All thanks to EdTech start-ups.

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