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Top 8 Education Technology Websites and Blogs In 2021

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Education Technology

Best websites and blogs to learn about education technology and trends for teachers and students

The education sector is evolving faster than other sectors. From helping students to find materials that they might need for reading and doing assignments without having to go to the library or asking their teachers for help to educators using tools and resources to manage their students and keep them engaged. Every day, there is a new education technology that results in a rapid change in the education system, which makes it even more important for teachers and students to have access to the best new methods, programsand devices in the field right away.

Here are the top 8 Education Technology websites and blogs you should look after:

Fractus Learning

Fractus Learning is the best place for finding amazing techniques and tools to boost fascination, curiosity and learning among students. There are expert teachers, creators, makers and leaders who share the best techniques, tools and toys for meaningful learning that help students to get a better understanding of EdTech.

The Innovative Educator

If you want to make classes more engaging and relevant, you can use freely available resources and technologies on the Innovative Educator. You not only get broad ideas about technology in the classroom but also the essential details of implementation so that teachers will be able to use the ideas of the author without having a second look at their pockets or other restrictions.


TeacherCast is intended for both the prepared educator who is looking for some incredible assets just as the educator who is uncertain how to begin consolidating recently developed 21st Century skills. TeacherCast is here to assist you with getting to know the most recent sites and applications that are driving the present classrooms.

EdTech RoundUp

EdTech RoundUp is the best spot to discover the most recent news related to EdTech and EdTech tools. In their weekly posts, you can read about the latest news on recently released apps and gadgets. While this blog might not have many unique thoughts like other blogs, it is still the best option to get information on progress in the field of education.

The EduTech Post

If you want to learn anything and everything about education technology then the EduTech Post is the best place. You can read the latest news, reviews, how artificial intelligence is getting used in education field, and user guides on education technology products, software and services to educators, students, and developers.


Edutopia has a lot of listed data on how innovation can be utilized in classes. Since data is sorted by age group and subject, educators can undoubtedly get useful ideas that are relevant to their present educational program without swimming through heaps of thoughts that will not exactly work for their circumstances.


EdSurge is a humming community of education technology teachers and business visionaries. It’s a brilliant blend of educators, narrators, and geeks. The blog centers around the future of learning, where you can dig into topics based on PK-12, higher Ed and Education Business.


An organization is known for organizing big events for teachers in technology every year. ISTE is seemingly one of the greatest tech education associations on the planet. However, you have to lose some bucks from pockets to get a membership, though their blog on education and technology is free and accessible.

In conclusion, education technology never stops changing, but keeping yourself updated on the latest information will help you to deal with new perspectives of teaching and learning.

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