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Top 10 EdTech Job Opportunities One Should Watch in 2022

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At present, many EdTech job opportunities are emerging in the respective field. Here are the top 10 for those

Education technology or EdTech is emerging as a growth powerhouse, supporting the economy through investments and new EdTech jobs. This industry got a much-needed boost when traditional learning centers became out of bounds due to the pandemic. The Indian education technology industry was valued at US$750 million in 2020 and is expected to reach US$4 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 39.77%. This growth is driven by rising demand for non-academic courses from tier II & III cities and the need for personalization in the EdTech space. EdTech tools offer students the flexibility to access learning from the sources they find most helpful and effective. A major benefit hailed by online learning students is that of being able to access teaching and training at their own individual pace and time. This article features the top 10 EdTech job opportunities that every person related to this field should watch in 2022.


Course designer

Course designers in the field of education technology play a vital role. From planning and developing to optimizing instructional material, including online courses, seminars, instruction manuals, workshops, tutorials, multimedia training modules, and assessments. The course designer is one of the best EdTech job opportunities that will be the talk of 2022.

Corporate trainer

A corporate trainer is a specialist responsible for increasing a company’s productivity by teaching new skills and knowledge to employees. They use seminars, lectures, and team exercises to update employees on company goals and procedures. Also referred to as a Technical Trainer. So, if you have a technical background then the corporate trainer is one of the best EdTech jobs that will suit you.

Designer of training materials

Designer of training materials produces content and resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. In this career, you design and develop materials that teachers can use to achieve a specific educational goal. There is a huge demand for the designer of training materials in the field of education technology.

Curriculum developer

Curriculum developers, also known as curriculum coordinators, instructional coordinators, and curriculum specialists, oversee school curricula and ensure adherence to state and local standards. Working behind the scenes, they are imperative in the continuing evolution of today’s school systems. It is one of the best EdTech job opportunities one should keep an eye on.

Technical business analyst

Technical business analysts align information technology systems with business operations by analyzing and developing innovative integrated software solutions. Their duties include providing internal IT support and managing web-based services and customer support. As the number of EdTech startups grows the demand for technical business analysts will also grow. Therefore, it is one of the best EdTech job opportunities you should watch in 2022.

Instructional technology specialist

An instructional technology specialist helps integrate technologies, such as computers, hardware, and software, into educational settings. This career is very similar to an instructional coordinator position since the job often requires you to help plan an in-class curriculum.

Manager organizational development

The Organizational Development Manager plans, develops, implements, and administers development and training programs for company employees. The manager also acts as liaison and advisor to the organization’s leadership and facilitates initiatives across the organization.

VP of professional development

The VP of Professional Development is responsible for the development of chapter education activities to include: preparation and maintenance of PMI’s certifications as well as establishing and maintaining chapter professional development programs, live and online, maintaining relationships with Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s). It is one of the emerging EdTech job opportunities of 2022.

Content creator

This job requires the candidate to create and update the curriculum and content, as per the requirement of the course. The candidate should have the appropriate academic background and be able to keep abreast of changes in the syllabus. Curriculum designers and content creators work in collaboration with subject experts to create the most appropriate learning aids for students. It could include everything from audio/video content to presentations, quizzes, e-books, images, and multimedia stories.

Technical architect

EdTech players are scaling up fast, which necessitates expansion and upgrade of the online learning ecosystem. With a rising number of users and teachers, the online platform needs to be robust and available 24/7. There is currently an increased demand for building scalable online platforms. The preferred candidates for this job are senior-level software engineering professionals with more than a decade of experience.

App developer

With the mobile screen emerging as one of the preferred modes of learning, there’s an increased demand for app developers. The ‘classroom in your pocket’ approach and adding gamification have been made possible with mobile apps. These can be accessed anywhere, which is a true asset for students.

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