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Assurance of Recruitment in EdTech is Pacing up EdTech Job Prospects

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EdTech jobs following job guarantee model to increase recruitment in EdTech for EdTech aspirants

A large number of students are steering their dream jobs towards EdTech job prospects and emerging successful enormously. One of the most significant reasons for their success is their dedication to the courses that prepare them specifically for jobs in EdTech. EdTech aspirants thus try these upskilling courses and find opportunities for recruitment in EdTech. EdTech Jobs happens to be one of the generic scopes that branches out from engineering fields but the specialization in Edtech applications particularly are realizing better prospects for recruitment in the EdTech industry.


Recognizing EdTech Aspirants 

As a result of the demand-supply gap for certain in-demand skillsets and recruiters’ insatiable appetite for professionals in these fields, EdTech companies such as Simplilearn and Imarticus Learning are providing assurance of recruitment in EdTech to those who complete courses in machine learning, data analytics, data science, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and full-stack java advancement, among several others. Alumni of these courses – often freshers and those in their respective disciplines – have indeed been hired in organizations such as Cognizant, Accenture, Infosys, Wells Fargo, Tiger Analytics, Capgemini, Goldman Sachs, and Genpact, according to Simplilearn and Imarticus.

Attention to Skills 

According to the current Aon Salary Increase Survey, the struggle for talent has been about gaining digital skillsets, with attrition reaching 21 per cent in 2022, the highest in over two decades. So, while upskilling companies/learning platforms have been providing job aid for many years, a job guarantee for recruitment in EdTech is a relatively new notion, which is being offered as a result of the skills war and the high demand for such EdTech job prospects by recruiting firms.

The Imbalance

According to specialists, the assurance of recruitment in EdTech model has been offered by field training providers in the US market and is now gaining popularity in India due to the demand-supply imbalance and the overall lack of professional preparedness of grads throughout many fields of study. Thus, the demand for EdTech aspirants ushers in. Job guarantee programmes perform best where there is an urgent need to bridge the demand-supply gap for skilled people, as pointed out by industry experts. The other factor responsible for the acceptance of such models is the gap in quality and industry alignment that exists across a large portion of the Indian higher education sector, whereby job guarantee providers look to impart job-relevant skills and convert graduates into industry-ready practitioners.

EdTech Companies’ Search

According to Simplilearn, the job guarantee model, which is presently available to students of its data science and full-stack Java developer courses, has taken off in a big manner. A lot of organizations have called us to hire; some have claimed they can accommodate 500-1,000 kids. The majority of these firms are in the IT, tech and GIC industries. Within the next several months, Simplilearn plans to expand the job guarantee programme to include new courses such as digital marketing, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.

EdTech Job Prospect In US

With so many online learning platforms on the market – Coursera, Udemy, and SWAYAM – the number of courses available might be daunting. There are numerous options. Springboard, an online training startup based in San Francisco, decided to take a different approach. It provides a total of six paid courses for professionals that have been developed by industry leaders from various industries such as UX design and software engineering. There are additional 100 short-term skill courses accessible, but anyone can enrol in them.

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