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Top 10 Automated Grading Platforms for Teachers in 2022

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10 automated grading platforms for teachers to save time in 2022 with cutting-edge technology

We are talking about that time of the year when the pile of grading gets out of power. Teachers have some options with how to lessen this pile: toss it and imagine it doesn’t survive, spend hours upon hours grading it by their own hand, OR use the most up-to-date grading apps to assist in speeding up the procedure. Grading platforms for teachers allow teachers to save time while looking over student work. Automated grading platforms can help teacher’s grade papers, plan a grade book, and share grades with co-teachers and families! This article will propose some amazing grading platforms that get your work done you can also name it a teacher’s app. Instead of spending hours and hours grading, you can use that time to refine your lessons, get to know your students, differentiate, and personalize learning, and so on. Given below are the top 10 automated grading platforms for teachers:

  1. ZipGrade

ZipGrade is a grading app that enables you grades a couple of choice tests in minutes. Simply scan the tests together along with your smartphone, and the app does the rest. Of course, now no longer the whole lot is ready grades. This app simplest offers grades, it’s as much as you to know what the students want and what questions you need to give an explanation for again.

  1. Edubirdie Plagiarism Checker

Teachers and students can utilize the Edubirdie grading app to confirm whether they used exclusive resources in their writings or papers. The plagiarism checker lets you upload a folder or paste your text and will give your resources a percentage. This percentage exhibits the exclusivity of your text.

  1. Itunes U

The Itunes U grading app makes it simple to systematize your classroom. With homework hand-in, an included grade book, and personal discussions everything will be just well. You can give lessons, grade assignments, and stay linked. Everything feels like it is just one iPad away. The integrated grade book lets you identify precisely how each student is doing.

  1. Gradebook Pro

GradeBook Pro is a grading platform that is a great classroom management tool. Its countless features permit teachers to categorize assignments and view grades by category, use either weighted or normal grade scales, award additional credit or subtract penalty points, estimate the standard score for each assignment, assess overall class performance, email grade, attendance, or rank reports to students.

  1. Formative

The formative grading app lets you allocate an assignment to your students. Students make it, and you get a hand to hand results. You can chase your students in their learning procedure of that assignment and give immediate grades and comments. It mainly is the same as Google forms, but easier to utilize and with some other necessary features that a teacher can’t miss out on.

  1. BookWidgets

BookWidgets grading app permits teachers to create assignments that students finish and return by the app to be mechanically graded. Teachers can chase student activity live and provide comments after assignments are turned in. There is a little fee of $9 monthly, but if many teachers want to make use of it, there is a large discount accessible!

  1. Edmodo

With the Edmodo grading platform, you can rapidly generate groups, assign homework, plan quizzes, administer progress, and many more. Edmodo is an automated grading platform planned to give you complete power over your digital classroom. Its design looks a lot like Facebook. You can allocate a usual quiz to your students and Edmodo will grade it mechanically.

  1. Viper

Viper is a grading platform that’s an anti-plagiarism scanner and guarantees to scan uploaded files for plagiarism, a serious problem in academic, business, and publishing circles. It’s aimed at college students and is available for reducing the copying and buying of term papers and essays.

  1. Grade Ticker

Grade ticker is an effortless automated grading platform for professors and teachers to stay track of point deductions as you grade documents and examinations. Calculate the score at the precise moment and save time by not doing a post-grade tally.

  1. Flubaroo

Flubaroo is an automated grading platform that is free to Google Forms/Sheets. It enables you to grade and examine online assignments and assessments. You also email scores to college students! With Flubaroo you’ll be capable of getting rankings for every student, discover college students in need of more help, view the common score, and a histogram of rankings, and quickly identifies questions that a majority of the scholars missed.

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