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Affluent EdTech Professions ahead of EdTech Leaders

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EdTech Professions

EdTech Industry advancing a variety of EdTech professions to influential EdTech leaders

EdTech leaders are seen to be accomplishing their one major and collective objective of placing EdTech platforms as an alternative to traditional methods of teaching and learning. As a result of this positioning, educational institutions throughout the world have shifted to online learning applications in the absence of the freedom to conduct physical classes. The EdTech industry has come to the rescue at a time when a massive crisis hit the earth deriving the faith and belief of the stakeholders.

EdTech enjoys greater liberty as compared to the offline mode of education because of its nature to impart education beyond boundaries without having to commute. Careers in EdTech are as broad as the popularity and dependence of the students and teachers over EdTech in the pandemic. EdTech leaders are technically knowledgeable enough to plunge themselves into a vast array of EdTech professions.

Curriculum Planner

A highly demanded EdTech profession that requires an individual to design and plan a course curriculum taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of the EdTech platform. Certain fields of study are suitable for the EdTech industry specifically, recognising their limitations and carefully selecting course content is a quality that is looked for in a curriculum planner. Post-planning endeavours include tracking outcomes of the content, effect, and advising regularly. The salary of this EdTech profession extends up to US$80K P.A.

EdTech Web Designer

Not limited to, but including the EdTech profession, web designing is a skill that is required in every technological Industry that seeks an online presence and successful establishment. Specific areas of expertise are required to design the interface of an EdTech application that is easy to acquire if technology is not a challenge for someone, to facilitate an uninterrupted learning experience. The salary of an average web designer ranges from $57K P.A.


Educators across the world are immensely facing difficulties in delivering their lectures and using advanced settings to tutor students efficiently. Settings such as sharing screen, changing the front and rear camera, recording the meetings are some of the basic examples of these EdTech applications. More enhanced techniques are also accessible but operating becomes a tedious job for the educators. Here is where the role of  EdTech trainers enters to assist the educators to cope up with upgrading software and applications.

EdTech Analyst

An EdTech profession that is not only limited to certain EdTech platforms and applications but an independent and self-built occupation. In this profession, an EdTech analyst can determine the demand, popularity, degree of involvement amongst students, and other emerging phenomena of the EdTech industry are assessed by the EdTech leader. The salary varies tremendously as it can be self-employed as well as external recruitment.

EdTech Educator

The most sought career in EdTech is as an educator. EdTech leaders all over the world are resorting to the profession of an academician extensively because of the growing relevance of the EdTech industry. As the education system has shifted outrightly from in-person engagement to remote pedagogy, online education has gathered enough pertinence and acceptance. This has prompted academicians to pour in efforts in this new medium and earn a career in EdTech. This EdTech profession is seen as a promising career option as so far, no threat of renouncement has occurred to it.

EdTech Director

Distance learning or remote education systems have a greater requirement of a coordinator to address obstacles faced by students and educators in using the application and enrolling in them. The responsibilities of an EdTech director include both technical and academic issues. The salary of an EdTech director starts from US$78K P.A.

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