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Top 7 Screen casting Software in 2021 for Teachers

4 Mins read

Top screen casting software of 2021 is being used by the teachers to improve the education system

Teachers utilize technology, such as screen casting software, to assist their pupils in learning the material. It is simpler for pupils to interact in a techno environment in which they have grown up by working at their own pace. Screen casting software is available on the market to make teaching more cost-effective and to fulfill the demands of both teachers and students. screen casting software is simple to use. However, determining the best screen casting software for the classroom may be difficult, as most alternatives provide a restricted free version as well as a premium membership. Some of the best screen casting software are mentioned below.


Screencastify is one of the top screen casting software. Chrome is the only browser that supports it. Screencastify is a polished experience; in fact, it’s so nicely built that you won’t need much to get started. The developers have also done an excellent job of including the essential functions that the majority of users would want without going crazy. They’ve also incorporated unique features that distinguish Screencastify. The Submit feature is an example of this. Teachers may use Submit to create a fast assignment and then share the URL with their students. That link allows students to jump directly into a recording without having to sign in or create an account. It’s really easy to use and keeps all of your recordings on Google Drive. It’s one of those things that might get ingrained in your classroom’s daily routine. Screencastify, like much other screen casting software, provides a free plan as well as a paid membership. Unlike some of the others on this list, the free version allows instructors to do everything the premium version does, albeit with limitations. The fact that recordings are limited to five minutes is a major drawback. Even yet, if you work inside the five-minute time restriction, you’ll receive more features and capability than with other free products. Paid plans (beginning at US$ 29 for educators and US$ 49 for everyone else) remove the five-minute limit and allow you to submit assignments indefinitely (among other things).


The most comprehensive platform on this list is Screencast-O-Matic. You can record and edit movies, as well as take screenshots, with a complete upgrade. It’s also available on almost every platform (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebook), albeit it’s a software program rather than a web-based extension, unlike the others on the list. The problem with Screencast-O-Matic is that it isn’t as easy to use as Screencastify, and you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to master the best-in-class video editor. Teachers and students may make screen recordings and conduct basic editing with the free plan. The free recordings are limited to 15 minutes (in contrast to Screencastify’s five-minute limit), although they do come with a watermark. Paid subscriptions unlock a slew of advanced video-editing capabilities, including sketching, green screens, and blurring. A useful automatic speech-to-text captioning function is also included. This screen casting software for teachers is one of the best.


VMaker is worth a look if you have minimal demands and only need to capture basic screencastsScreencasts are a great method to communicate ideas, deliver information, and get feedback from students. There is no watermark on the free version, and there are no recording restrictions. While this version lacks sketching tools and customizing options, it does allow you to quickly and simply record a video (screen, camera, or both) and then download or email it. If you like VMaker, you may upgrade to the premium version for drawing tools, 4K video, and other features.


The fact that other individuals may comment on and debate the screen recordings gets Loom a spot on our list (without needing an account). The caveat is that only instructors with an Educator account may record and distribute recordings, thus students will not be producing. If you’re okay with students signing up for separate accounts, there are alternative consumer-focused accounts that enable multiple authors. If you’re merely wanting to design lessons that could make kids more involved with the subject, the Educator edition is a fantastic alternative. It is one of the best screen casting software for teachers.

Explain Everything Whiteboard:

Explain Everything Whiteboard, while not your traditional screen casting software, provides everything students need to make engaging presentations for iPad, Android, Chrome, and in a browser. Students start with a blank screen and pre-load presentations, websites, pictures, videos, and more instead of recording their browser window. Then they talk, draw, and lead the presentation while recording the slides. Students may use the pre-loaded information to plan and organize their thoughts before clicking the record button. It’s a fantastic model for honing organizational abilities. The editing tools, especially for younger kids, might take some getting accustomed to, but after they’ve had some practice, the possibilities for invention and cooperation are endless. This is one of the best screen casting software.

QuickTime Player:

QuickTime Player is of the top screen casting software. If you want a no-frills (and free) way to play and capture music and video, QuickTime Player is included with MacOS. While the player doesn’t have many editing options, students may still record their screen or use their webcam to record. Clipping, cutting, and rotating are the only options for editing, but QuickTime Player gets the job done swiftly.


Camtasia is a tool to keep an eye on if you want to provide students with a platform for making professional films. Students may add animations, sound effects, and even quizzes to the video editor, which is extremely powerful. It’s not as user-friendly as Screencast-O-Matic, and it’s only available in a premium edition, but it might provide the ideal platform for your advanced pupils to showcase their abilities. Camtasia is of the top screen casting software for teachers.

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