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10 Essential Features for Your Next Education Technology Development

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Educational technology

Several features are essential for your next education technology development.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, education has broken through previously impenetrable barriers. The pandemic taught us that education isn’t only for the classroom; it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Education technology development is accelerating as a result of the widespread availability of the internet and the growing demand for distance learning. Education technology (EdTech) has revolutionized the way the world views traditional educational approaches. The only way to ensure that your next education technology development is a success is to implement a trendy and helpful set of features. The following is a list of essential elements to incorporate in your future educational technology development.

Assignments and Evaluations

The essential characteristics of classroom instruction must be carried through for the EdTech app to be effective. Educators would need to be able to assign assignments to their pupils from within the app. It is also important to analyze and get insights depending on the task. Simply said, your EdTech app should make it easier for instructors and students to collaborate. When incorporating assignment and evaluation in your educational technology development, keep the following in mind: Assigning tasks, monitoring progress, exchanging files, and grading reports.

Integration with LMS and SIS

Technology in the classroom is not a new concept. For a long time, schools have used School Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Your EdTech app will most likely be a small element of the overall tech stack that supports the educational system.


There is no alternative for cooperation when it comes to learning. Collaboration elements may be implemented in a variety of ways depending on the type of EdTech app. Enabling good communication will undoubtedly aid learners in learning more quickly. Communication in your EdTech app will develop learners’ soft skills while they are studying, in addition to assisting them with their difficulties. Here are some common communication elements that you may use in your educational technology development: Instant chat, audio and video conferencing, and forums are all options.

Subscription for advanced features

Putting a barrier on certain advanced features is one of the most common and efficient methods to monetize an EdTech app. For example, you might enable instructors to post courses on your platform for free or for a percentage of the profits. You may generate more money by selling them a premium membership to a report on user interactions.

Utilize advanced technology

Apps that promote self-learning must have high levels of learner engagement. Even while learning in person, keeping a learner’s attention is difficult. With self-learning, it appears virtually difficult to keep learners engaged for an extended amount of time. To personalize learning for each unique student, you might use sophisticated AI algorithms. Making learning information interesting via the use of advanced technology is another proven approach to keep learners interested. Even if the learners’ attention span is short or the subject, they’re learning has a poor engagement rate, AR (Augmented Reality) technology may make learning entertaining.

Take personal notes and sharing features

Taking notes during class is a common and efficient method of memorizing information. The notes might be written or in the form of a screenshot. As a result, you should always provide the student the opportunity to take screenshots, write notes by hand, and so on in your learning software. You may also permit them to share their notes with their classmates.


Learning gamification or game-based learning hasn’t existed in education technology development for a long time. Gamification, on the other hand, is now thought to be a motivator for student learning. Introduce a set of accomplishment badges for finished courses to include gamification into your next education technology development. It is a very motivating technique of rewarding students for completing their courses.

Searching in a Flexible Way

Curiosity is sparked by learning, and every learner seeks a solution to their question. Although the student may use Google to get answers to most of their questions, we do not suggest allowing them to move to another program. It has a detrimental impact on their learning and attentiveness. As a result, it would be ideal if you included a search feature in your educational technology development. It will allow students to look up any topic connected to their studies.

Practice sets and mock tests

Mock tests and practice sets are a must-have element in every EdTech program. Tests are necessary for learning, and you may make them more enjoyable by including animated or graphical questions. The frequency of testing, on the other hand, varies depending on the type of app.

Integration of Mentors

Mentors must be aware of their children’s/students’ progress, which is why many learning management systems build a distinct dashboard for mentors. This functionality is particularly for school and university-related apps, and without it, a collaboration between all parties engaged in the educational process would stay fragmented.

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