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Status of Indian Education Sector with Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain technology

How blockchain technology enhances the quality of learning and status of the Indian education sector?

Advancements in technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are having a remarkable impact on the education domain. As per Draft National Education Policy 2019, blockchain innovation will help in smoothing out educational planning and management. The issue of fake degrees would now be able to be settled carefully by the new Blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology’s market capital is expected to reach $20B by 2024. Blockchain is accepted to disrupt numerous businesses including the Indian education sector.

Status of the Indian Education Sector with Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain in education has come a long way. The innovation’s abilities over the previous decade have arisen as an ultimate solution for business issues across sectors. Blockchain in Indian education is looking promising. The year 2021 is proceeding with the advancement of blockchain in education to discover how it can function for everyone. The Indian education sector has seen a ton of radical changes in the progress of teaching and learning with the adoption of blockchain technology. Digitization has had a huge impact on education delivery.

Blockchain technology can effectively solve challenges like the threat of student data theft and misuse, difficulty in authenticating certifications and documents, infrastructural limitations and social challenges, and cost of administering and managing the education system in the Indian education sector by providing an interconnected technology platform for managing operations. The use of Blockchain has transformed the education industry in India and also it’s status in the world.

How Blockchain in Indian Education Can be Used:

Eliminates Threat of Student Data Theft

Records that are open on the blockchain framework can’t be adjusted. Understudies with a profile on platforms can endeavor different courses, and all that will be distributed on their public profile controlled by blockchain innovation like EduBlock.

Difficulty in Authenticating Certifications & Documents

In blockchain innovation, a record is permanent and can’t be falsified, and it keeps individuals from creating fake certificates. Blockchain in education directs a trust factor when it comes to certification and advanced degrees which were not accessible previously.

BADGR and Mozilla Open Badge are being utilized to give advanced certificates to understudies in some esteemed academic institutions. Accredible is the business driving advanced credentialing stage. It issues secure, advanced declarations and identifications. Sony in association with IBM made an instructive stage to monitor and share graduation declarations, participation records, records, credits and that’s just the beginning. In addition, this will eliminate the cost of checking understudy’s certifications. Indorse is utilizing blockchain in education to dispatch a checked e-portfolio.

Solve Complexity of Tracking Intellectual Property

Blockchain in Indian education helps individuals to easily maintain intellectual resources to follow distributions and references. Bernstein Technologies is a stage that enrolls the hash of files on the blockchain, subsequently giving verification of presence and possession.

MOOC Certifications & Blockchain

For MOOC suppliers, Blockchain can tackle the apparent issue of validness by giving a proper course of giving and overseeing certification. Instances of MOOC suppliers are Edx, SWAYAM, NovoEd, Coursera, and some more. SWAYAM endeavors to connect the advanced gap for understudies who are lacking to access knowledge.

Accessibility and Cost

Blockchain in education makes an open, detectable, directed, and transparent digitized arrangement of education which gives a way to more accessibility without the requirement for expanding the number of schools and colleges.

In conclusion, blockchain technology is effectively changing the face of education in India. It can speed up the end of a paper-based framework for declarations and eliminates the requirement for instructive associations to approve certifications. Educational systems can mechanize a large number of their functions through a decentralized independent network. Policymakers should set up development pipelines to consider and build up generally concurred computerized information guidelines for instructive records and how these can be connected to current degree course and capability certificate techniques. A specialist board ought to be framed for strategy plan, fast reception, and execution.

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