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Most Sought-after Skill: Top 10 Blockchain Courses in 2021

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Blockchain courses

These blockchain courses can help you make a career in blockchain

Blockchain is the new buzzword, partly due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. So, you must have definitely heard about blockchain. The World Economic Forum predicts that 18% of the world’s Growth Domestic Product or GDP will run on blockchain by 2025. Hence, blockchain is perhaps the most sought after skill and there are relatively few people in this field. People who are attracted toward this field are taking up blockchain courses to hone their skills and make a career in blockchain.

While experts believe that it will influence each industry, you can try to learn this future technology by joining some best blockchain courses and gaining more knowledge about it. We have got you the top 10 blockchain courses to kickstart your career in blockchain.

Introduction to Blockchain: Evolution and Technology Concepts by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

This course is the first part of the Introduction to Blockchain Specialization from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. It tells you about the history and advancement of blockchain, alongside essential technology concepts. You will likewise find out about bitcoin and its importance in the worldwide business space. Other core ideas shrouded in this class incorporate the essential elements of blockchain innovation, the custody, responsibility and control continuum, private and public blockchain, push and pull standards, and much more.

Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

If you are fond of Udemy courses then this is the best Udemy course to learn Blockchain. This course is intended for developers that have a strong comprehension of javascript and npm as you will learn step-by-step how to make the code and all of the syntax to ensure that you completely know what you are doing. You will begin by understanding what Ethereum cryptocurrency is and a few concepts, then moving to the code stage and begin executing javascript to make the  smart contract with solidity building interactive front-end infrastructure,  implementing your application and considerably more.

Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases

This Coursera program is ideal for both non-engineers and developers who need to exhaust themselves with the basics of blockchain. The program isn’t restricted to technology teaching. You will likewise learn about the philosophical ideas of decentralization and how it is associated with blockchain. The underlying modules of this program teach the students blockchain basics and the technology utilized for it. Module four dives further into Ethereum and Bitcoin while teaching the students about the significance of cutting-edge blockchains.

Nanodegree Blockchain Developer Program

The course sets one up to be a blockchain developer and revolves around practical implementation. This class is quite possibly the most thorough blockchain courses out there. It happens in 5 modules and includes content for blockchain essentials, smart contracts, dApps creation, blockchain design, and a capstone project. One must have knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming for this course.

Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

This is another extensive and hands-on course to tap into Blockchain from Udemy. This course will teach you about developing a secured blockchain and theory behind cryptocurrency transactions. It starts with learning theoretical lessons on what is the blockchain how it functions, the cryptography essentials, then you will learn the environment development, for example, introducing the environment on your machine that makes smart contracts and foster a decentralized application lastly deploy your application

Berkeley’s Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate

From understanding ecosystems to focal concepts and advances about blockchains, this certification will assist you with learning both  non-technical and technical attributes of this subject. It will offer you a top-to-bottom comprehension of blockchain systems and distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, you’ll likewise learn about the system for blockchain innovation functioning that will assist you with forming various hypotheses and informed models.

Blockchain Basics by the University of Buffalo

Become an expert in the essentials of blockchain with this fledgling course from the University of Buffalo. It is the initial segment of the Blockchain Specialization and incorporates 4 modules to help you create strong foundational knowledge.

Driven by Bina Ramamurthy, a teaching professor in the Computer Science and Engineering division, the class starts with a conversation on what blockchain is and how it functions. Later the class is about exercises on ethereum blockchain, algorithms and procedures. The course wraps up with a module on trust basics and the consensus protocol. With the video lectures used, every module incorporates readings and tests to give you an all encompassing learning experience.

The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE

The certification blockchain expert course gives information on blockchain’s nuts and bolts, smart contracts, and use cases of blockchains, consensus algorithms, and blockchain attacks. In the wake of learning in a 6 hours course and learning how to construct blockchain-based applications, you can apply for the exam to get the certificate. Blockchain affirmation by Blockchain Council incorporates an independent, exam-based theory and practice with lab-based viable experiences and blockchain certifications.

Learning Blockchain Development with EOS and C++

This is mainly intended for C++ engineers to make a strong blockchain innovation designing and implementing smart contracts as well as learning the dApp ecosystem. By utilizing various libraries inside your code, you will begin with a boost of the C++ programming language essentials and afterward construct the blockchain Ethereum technology, decentralized applications and significantly more.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Yet another top rated course accessible at Udemy composed by an award-winning instructor George Levy, the Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals certificate course, permits students to acquire proficiency in various components of bitcoin and blockchain.

This course will give you nitty gritty information on digital tokens, blockchain, smart contracts, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and network. In addition, you’ll likewise find out about bitcoin mining, alongside the misconceptions encompassing bitcoin and blockchain.

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