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Top 7 Data Science Competitions to Explore in 2021

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Top 7 data science competitions in 2021 you can explore for better job opportunities

Participating in contests is the greatest way to learn more about data science and to develop your talents. They allow you to study the best techniques while also learning problem-solving abilities and brainstorming with a large group of individuals to solve an issue. Data science competitions also allow you to stretch the frontiers of data science and utilize your imagination to come up with innovative ideas. To put it another way, they’re the greatest method to learn how to identify practical big data solutions, a talent that will come in handy in your data science jobs for becoming a professional data scientist. Some of these data science competitions, like the TopCoder Open and the Iron Viz Championship, are contested every year. Other platforms conduct year-round tournaments for various groups and businesses. So go ahead and look at these data science competitions; who knows, you could even win this year.


Kaggle is one of the most popular data science platforms in the world. You may also participate in a variety of data science competitions on Kaggle to hone your data science abilities. These challenges range from detecting wheat using image analysis to forecasting pulmonary fibrosis-related lung function decrease. These challenges empower the best minds to compete and find answers to some of the world’s most pressing issues. If you’re new to data science competitions, Kaggle is a good place to start. You can start with some simple data science competitions to gain experience before moving on to the more active world-changing events with large cash rewards.

International Data Analysis Olympiad: 

The International Data Analysis Olympiad is one of the top data science competitions accessible to all students, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students, as well as corporate workers and new data scientists. This competition seeks to improve the data science abilities of professionals so that they can meet the industry need in this sector. In the IDAHO, there are two rounds. In the first round, participants are given a labeled training data set and asked to predict the test data. The second round focuses on efficiency. Thus, competitors must answer the same issue as in the first round, but with stringent time and memory constraints. This competition will help you to get promoted in data science jobs.


DrivenData is an online platform that intends to use data science breakthroughs to tackle some of the world’s most pressing social problems. As a result, it hosts a series of online challenges that span two to three months, in which diverse data scientists compete to discover the best answer to challenging prediction issues that arise in the real world. Detecting nasty material in memes, forecasting dengue illness transmission, and predicting earthquake damage to structures are just a few of the online problems. Because the goal of these challenges is to solve issues and the winners’ code is shared under an open-source license, allowing anybody to learn and improve.


TopCoder offers a variety of challenges that allow players to learn more about data science while also winning prizes. The majority of the challenges include monetary prizes, but others are simply there to help you learn and improve. The annual TopCoder Open is the most well-known competition, including different competition tracks, design, competitive programming, and software development. The top applicants are invited to a free one-week trip to the on-site finals, where they may compete for cash prizes and learn from one another. Throughout the year, TopCoder hosts other regional tournaments that are not as large as TopCoder Open but still allow various people to join and develop their abilities.


Data science competitions are held on Codalab, an open-source platform. Although these events do not provide large monetary awards, they do provide competitors with the opportunity to learn more about data science and write efficient code. Because Codalab focuses on data programming and code-building in the contests, these competitions are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about cooperation and problem-solving with a team. The Liver Tumor Segmentation Challenge, Microsoft COCO Image Captioning Challenge, MAFAT Radar Challenge, and others are now the most popular. The MAFAT Radar Challenge, by the way, has a prize pool of US$ 40,000.


Analytics Vidhya’s DataHack platform conducts several data science hackathons. In these hackathons, you may compete with top experts from all around the world while learning a variety of new skills and working on real-world issues. In these hackathons, you may win a variety of prizes, and some even offer employment chances at prominent firms. DataHack also organizes Analytics Vidhya’s exclusive data science events, where you can meet with data scientists in the data science and machine learning communities.

Iron Viz:

Tableau hosts one of the top data science competitions called Iron Viz. It invites data scientists from across the world to compete to create the greatest data visualization that is both attractive and instructive. The Iron Viz Qualifier and the Iron Viz Championship are the two rounds of Iron Viz. The Iron Viz Qualifier is an online competition with a Qualifier Theme that anybody can enter. Health and wellbeing were the topics for 2020. The top three finishers go to the Iron Viz Championship, a live event. The only requirement for participants to get started is that they have access to Tableau Desktop. Tableau Desktop Public Edition, a free version of the program, is also available.

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