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10 Best Universities Offering Blockchain Courses

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Blockchain Courses

Here is the list of the top ten universities in the world that offers the best blockchain courses

Blockchain technology is making headlines these days. In all the sectors from healthcare and finance to entertainment and automation blockchain technology is getting used. As it is one of the rising technologies, students are effectively willing to pursue a career where they can add blockchain expertise to their resumes. But the question is which universities offer the best blockchain courses?

Here are the 10 best universities offering blockchain courses:

Cornell University

Cornell University was planned from the start to be devoted to the latest technologies. Cornell blockchain program is planned to give instruction, certification, and use of blockchain technology for understudies and corporate customers. With Cornell blockchain, Cornell University is molding the eventual fate of critical innovation and getting leaders ready for that future.

Duke University

Duke’s blockchain Lab is a specific, understudy drove research focus intended to update understudies and educators the same regarding the recent advancements in blockchain technology. Through workshops, lectures, etc. the understudies at the Duke blockchain Lab are devoted to making Duke a center of blockchain discovery, turning into a worldwide innovator in development and transformation for industry, banking, etc.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University has been an imperatively influential education center since its establishment in 1789. In the past few years, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business has gotten quite possibly the most prominent voices in the academic study of the blockchain. The Center for Financial Markets and Policy has supported a yearly international Blockchain Summit for the last three years.


MIT is rising as one of the world’s experts on blockchain innovation through the Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative. The digital currency Initiative is attempting to push advancement in blockchain with research tasks, papers, and backing for blockchain gatherings while bringing issues to light of the dangers and capability of blockchain innovation. MIT, the foundation that aided make web innovation conceivable, is proceeding to lead the way.

New York University

NYU’s Stern School of Business – routinely positioned in the main 20 business colleges broadly – has made blockchain technology an integral part of the FinTech MBA program. This specialization presented inside the full-time MBA program centers around innovation’s effect on finance, including investigation, machine learning, and blockchain courses. Graduates will proceed to impact banking, business venture, and much more.

Princeton University

Princeton is imparting its mastery to the world through open courses like its Bitcoin and digital currency technology program on Coursera. Princeton’s digital currency course, instructed by educator Arvind Narayanan, shows the fundamental specialized establishments of how blockchain and digital currency work, scattering confusions and highlighting the eventual fate of the innovation.

RMIT University

RMIT is the first university in Australia to offer blockchain courses. The eight-week, completely online short course is planned in an organization with Accenture, a blockchain organization, and Stone and Chalk, the main fintech charitable. This short course not just shows understudies the innovation of the blockchain, but also assists experts with figuring out how to utilize blockchain innovation to help their business.

Stanford University

Stanford Online is known for its free online courses and MOOCs in the most forefront, in-demand topics in innovation, business, and more. Stanford Online offers a course in Bitcoin and digital currency, which can likewise be finished as a piece of its graduate certification in cyber security. There are only a few universities that are as qualified as Stanford to give schooling in blockchain and digital currency, making the online course a model for the field.

University Of California Atat Berkeley

Blockchain at Berkeley is an understudy-driven association that is assisting Berkeley with spearheading blockchain innovation, similarly as it has spearheaded various advances previously. Understudies, educators, and other individuals meet up to offer training, research, and counseling in blockchain, digital currency, and future utilization of the innovation. In case it’s new and progressive, anticipate that Berkeley should be upfront.

The University Of Illinois Atat Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois Decentralized Systems Lab is proceeding with UI’s long-lasting obligation to advancement in computing. This multidisciplinary research focus is instructing and broadening the academic discussion with research ventures and papers, but the DSL is making blockchain advances too. DSL’s applications and projects are giving approaches to enterprises like money and medical services to utilize the blockchain.

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