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5 Education Technologies of 2021 You Should Keep an Eye On

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Education technologies

Here are the education technologies that will shape the future of learning and improve teaching tactics


As per a report from KPMG and Google, the EdTech market is relied on to oblige 9.6 million users and have a portion of the overall industry of 1.96 billion dollars by 2021.

The year 2020 gave a new perception of the importance of technology. Every sector is now directly or indirectly dependent on these modern technologies, education is not an exception. Traditional classrooms got replaced by smartphones and laptops, somehow the internet became the only source of gaining knowledge for students, online classes, learning management systems, and so forth, became an integral part of the world’s learning system. Education technologies modelled the system into a more productive industry offering real-time exposure for the staff, teachers, and students.

One thing is for sure that ways of learning have changed forever. Here are the 5 emerging education technologies trends that will shape the future of the sector in 2021.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the future of learning, as it is predicted that there will be more VR tools in classrooms to promote active learning. It brings things to life as if you are standing next to them. Envision a biology student who can see a 3-dimensional skeleton before him in the 3 D format or students creating historical reconstructions or living the subjects from literature. VR innovation is becoming affordable every day. There are a ton of games that are being created on the idea of VR. As per the conducted studies on VR and education, it has been advanced that it will have a more prominent effect on education by 2021.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is a platform that offers a flexible learning environment for students and is also the key to a 21st-century education. It helps students to learning activities based on their needs and learning patterns, it assists students with adjusting to extraordinary learning ways that are completely founded on their inclinations and learning capacity.

Versatile learning has its essential application in the field of instruction. However, the innovation was additionally worked to help business coaches in doing business preparing all the more successfully. Investigating the degree of development the innovation is encountering, it is viewed as one of the numerous which will reshape education in the year 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is making headlines for many years now. It is used in every sector and the world has come to trust its technology in its development. By the end of 2021, AI will reshape schooling. It is destined to do this by supporting the conveyance of first-individual points of view. This can prove to be useful on occasions when understudies need to deal with articles, research projects, or research papers about a particular culture of custom.

Artificial intelligence can likewise evaluate the performance of students. The whole data about student’s performance in the examination can be analyzed by using different data analytics algorithms. AI solutions are smoothing out the manner in which you work and study. It will be feasible to have a virtual assistant of your own to plan, schedule, and explain hard concepts or theories in a simple word or even in your native language. One day in the future, AI might substitute educators in the classrooms and give students access to deeper information pools.

5G Technologies Will Pace Up Education

Online learning includes the utilization of online lectures, live classes, and watching and downloading. It requires a quick web network. A sluggish connection will hamper the learning interaction leaving the two students and educators disappointed. Covid-19  and the subsequent lockdown have had perhaps the main consequences for the education sector. It has totally changed traditional classroom teaching. It presented online learning and underdevelopment nations where there is no availability of high-speed internet connection suffered. But now 5G technologies with its colossal speed, will make learning more available, engaging and appealing.

Online Courses

According to reports, online courses will reshape the education sector as these courses are convenient, offers flexibility and more individual attention, bring education right to your home, promotes life-long learning, give you real-world skills, and help you connect with the global village. Even Universities are merging online courses into their conventional study plans.

In conclusion, these education technologies will reshape the sector and online learning will be the new normal. Students, teachers, policymakers can make great use of each technology for a better future.

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