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Top Free Data Analytics Courses to Choose From in 2021

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Top free data analytics courses

These free data analytics courses can help you learn the fundamentals of data analytics

Demand for skilled data scientists keeps on being out of this world. In data science, data analytics is gaining a lot of prominence. Data analysis is perhaps the most sought after skill in the current innovative world and a wide range of organizations are searching for skilled data analysts to sort out the big data they are gathering each day to grow sales, profits, and overall business brand. There are many data analytics courses to help you kickstart your career in data science.

If you need to learn data science and data analytics and are searching for some free courses in data analytics, then you have gone to the correct place. We’ve compiled a list of top free data analytics courses you can choose from.

Data Science Specialization

Coursera gives one of the best online data science educations, through John Hopkins University. It isn’t totally free, if you can manage the cost of it, you are expected to pay a course and certification expense. However, this is deferred for students who don’t have the financial resources available. Containing 10 courses, the specialization covers statistical programming in R, cluster analysis, natural language processing and practical applications of machine learning.

Business Analytics: From Data to Insights

This specialization program from Wharton Executive Education centers around aiding leaders and managers to transform data into a competitive advantage. Joining up with the practical program will offer you every one of the fundamental tools you need to see how data and insights work, improve long-term predictions, and recommend future actions to settle on better business decisions. It comprises 9 distinct modules, and each involves video lectures, tests, tasks, and real-world examples to offer the greatest advantage of learning.

Introduction to Data Analysis

If you are anticipating a forward leap into the data science industry, this course from Udacity is an extraordinary place to venture out. Through these classes, you will acquire an inside and out comprehension of the way toward analysing huge datasets. You will figure out how to pose pertinent questions and settle on significant informed decisions. You will also work with various Python libraries like NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas and gain significant hands-on experience.

Data Science Essentials

This course is given by Microsoft through EdX and forms a part of their Professional Program Certificate in Data Science, in spite of the fact that it can likewise be taken as an independent course through EdX. Students are required to have “introductory” information on R or Python – the two most well-known languages for data science programming right now. Subjects covered incorporate probability and statistics, data exploration, visualisation, and an introduction to machine learning, using the Microsoft Azure framework.

Applied Business Analytics

This program is a part of a specialization course of MIT Management Executive Education made by industry leaders to learn and embrace an inventive way to deal with empowering brands. In this program, you will acquire knowledge about a practical structure that includes models, decisions, data, and value, building trust in using data for decision-making. The course is ideal for leaders and directors who need to find out about the best tools for accomplishing incredible heights in analytics.

Data Science Courses

Alison is an e-learning site, where you will discover a range of courses and certifications, zeroing in on the different aspects of data science and related themes. The initial level classes are a decent choice if you wish to familiarize yourself with the terminologies and central ideas. Conversely, regions like training models, visualisations, mining are some of the go-to choices available for experienced people.

Data Science Fundamentals

IBM gives various free online courses through its portal previously known as Big Data University and presently rebranded as Cognitive Class. This program covers data science 101, philosophy, applications, programming in R and open source tools. On the whole, it should take around 20 hours to finish. However, those with related knowledge of software engineering will likely advance all the more rapidly, while complete amateurs may take somewhat more.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate by Google

Formed and structured by industry experts working with Google, this program on Coursera will assist you with learning and understanding how to clean and sort out data for analysis and calculations with SQL, R, and spreadsheets. This educational curriculum is labeled with a blend of videos, hands-on labs, and tests to acquaint you with key analytical skills.

Fundamentals Data Analysis & Decision Making Models – Theory

Excel keeps on being a fundamental tool for companies throughout the planet for analysing data and making inferences. This brief instructional exercise by Udemy will show you the attractive skill of taking care of huge datasets and making dashboards. Alongside this, you will likewise chip away at anticipating techniques and communicating the outcomes.

Data Analyst Nanodegree Program

People who are keen on data analysis programs can take help from this Nano degree program structured by Udacity. In this program, you will get acquainted with the essentials of data analysis, data wrangling, practical statistics, data visualization with Python, etc. This Nano degree program is incorporated with real-world projects and immersive content that is formed with top-level organizations to help you ace your tech abilities.

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