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World’s Top 10 Universities and Their AI Labs

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AI Labs

Are you curious to know which universities and their AI Labs are the best for AI Research?

Since the time its rise during the twentieth century, Artificial Intelligence has caught the creative mind and interest of data researchers and specialists. Therefore, many top specialized colleges across the world set up specific labs drove by leading artificial intelligence masterminds. These AI labs are changing patterns of research in artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, computer science, etc. and every day there is something new and creative is done in these labs.

Here are the world’s top 10 Universities and their specialized AI Labs:

Stanford AI Lab, United States

SAIL, at Stanford University, has been a definition of greatness for artificial intelligence research, instructing, hypothesis, and practice since its establishment in 1962. It has a team of experts those who have experience and skills in all the domains of artificial intelligence. From robotics, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, vision, and learning to genomics, healthcare, artificial intelligence’s cultural effect, and artificial intelligence-associated intellectual and neuroscience.

Oxford University, United Kingdom

Artificial intelligence and machine learning research are completed at the department of computer science. The scientists likewise work with mechanical accomplices like DeepMind to foster the uses of their work.

Carnegie Mellon University, United States

Carnegie Mellon has been a forerunner in artificial Intelligence research since Herbert Simon and Allen Newell concocted the field during the 1950s. CMU artificial intelligence, at the school of computer science, joins understudies, educators, and staff from all spaces of the university to make the one of the most experienced places for AI analysts across the globe.

McGill University, Canada

The Center for Intelligent Machines (CIM) is a research group that was formed in 1985 to work with advanced research on insightful frameworks at McGill University. The individuals from CIM try to propel the condition of information in spaces like advanced computer animation, machine and reinforcement learning, and more.

MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab, United States

Computer science and artificial intelligence lab, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has more than 60 exploration groups constantly working on many assorted tasks. Computer science and artificial intelligence lab were established in 1963 and its analysts have won the Turing Award, frequently portrayed as “the Nobel Prize for computing”.

Technical University of Munich, Germany

The artificial intelligence and machine learning group addresses and pools the mastery of the Technical University of Munich in artificial intelligence. Its principal center lies around cutting-edge research in new AI calculations across research regions like computer vision, data visualization, network analysis, and physics-based simulation. It fills in as an interface among public and worldwide exploration establishments and companies, with the objective of communitarian innovative work.

NYU’s Center for Data Science, United States

Center for Data Science is the main center for New York University’s global efforts in data science. The Center for Data Science was founded in 2013 to boost New York University’s goal of creating a world-leading data science training and research facility. It is one of the best AI labs in the world where researchers and professionals are armed with the tools to obtain the power of big data management.

Kyungpook National University, South Korea

The Brain AI Lab is a research group in the Kyungpook National University. It explores AI and machine learning to comprehend the brain. It is one of the best AI labs where researchers create novel machine & deep learning algorithms based on underlying mechanisms of brain functions to neurophysiological data recorded from the brain. The group is likewise keen on understanding natural language and creating indicative and treating instruments with clinical information utilizing different AI procedures.

Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research, United States

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab unites UC Berkeley analysts across the spaces of computer vision, AI, natural language preparing, arranging, control, and advanced mechanics. Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research incorporates more than 50 teaching staff and more than 300 alumni understudies and postdoctoral specialists seeking after research on crucial advances in the above regions just as cross-cutting subjects including multi-modular deep learning, human-viable AI, and interfacing AI with other logical disciplines and the humanities.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The department of computer science and technology researches AI and machine learning as a central region. The theoretical techniques they create and utilize range all assortments of deep learning, computational science, etc. University of Cambridge’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is one of the best AI labs in the whole world.

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