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Student Lead Scoring System: Secret Weapon for Every School

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The student lead scoring system helps in sorting out which families are the most interested in your school

You must be familiar with the concept of the student lead scoring system. It generates the probability scores of respective leads that enroll in either the campus-based or online programs. The student lead scoring system also helps in sorting out which families are the most interested in your school, and which are simply shopping around and applying to all of their available options. You’ll also likely be trying to determine which students are the best fit for your school, and which families will be best served by your unique offerings. It can be a time-consuming process to determine who your ‘ideal applicants’ are to offer them a place at your school. That’s where lead scoring can help.

What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring is generally utilized by B2C and B2B businesses to rate the quality of connections and associations between a business and a forthcoming client (or lead). You assign “points” based on various attributes that are determined by your company, including demographic information, company information, and online engagement.

You can likewise appoint focuses in view of interest, for example, the number of quality interactions that the family has had with your school — this might include attending a tour or engaging with the email communications that you send them.

How to determine lead scores

Each school will have a different approach to appointing worth to a candidate. Another helpful method is to analyze data from past enrolments to see what they shared for all intents and purposes. For instance, you could observe that most applications that transformed into enrolments were situated in a specific region, or had a parent who had recently gone to the school. You might also find that parents who attended a school tour prior to applying were more likely to finalize the enrolment process compared to parents who attended an open day.

Benefits of Student Lead Scoring

As your school creates and extends its digital marketing efforts, you ought to ultimately begin seeing real outcomes with sensational expansions in how many inquiries you receive from prospective students. While this is undoubtedly a good thing, it sometimes takes admissions teams by surprise, with many finding their resources stretched.

Experiencing the same thing, the student lead scoring system can be a significant tool, assisting schools with bettering recognizing forthcoming understudies who are probably going to see through to application from those with a more easygoing interest, and distribute their assets likewise, focusing on high worth leads first and guaranteeing they are circled back to all the more rapidly.

However, lead scoring is about more than just time management. Often, schools can misjudge the level of interest a prospective student has at different points in the decision-making process. For instance, a prospect in the early stages of their research might sign up for a newsletter to find out more, only to be bombarded with overwhelming contact urging them to make an application.

Another prospect might reach the point where they are seriously interested in applying, but don’t receive the level of personalized attention they expect from the school and drops their interest. A good scoring system can help your recruitment team to gauge exactly where in the enrollment journey each individual lead is, allowing you to tailor your follow-up contact accordingly.

Lead scoring can also be used to test assumptions about your target personas and their behaviors, helping your teamwork towards improving their accuracy while also creating a ‘common language’ of sorts for discussing and evaluating the effectiveness of your process. There are endless benefits of student lead scoring

Negative Student Lead Scoring system and Score Degradation

Not every lead who shows genuine interest in your school will work out. Some will pick different establishments, while others will not be able to beat specific boundaries to enlistment, and a couple will essentially alter their perspectives.

In light of this, it’s fundamental that your lead scoring system is sufficiently adaptable to change over the long run, as the interest levels of the possibilities in your framework vacillate. It tends to be conceivable, for example, for a lead with extremely low interest in your school to accumulate a high score over time through repeated casual interactions like opening emails, reading blogs, or liking social media posts. Moreover, a truly intrigued prospective student that decides against applying could theoretically remain at the top of your subsequent rundown for an extensive stretch after they are presently not a feasible lead assuming they have amassed a high score.

To keep your scores intelligent of genuine interest, specialists suggest making arrangements for negative scoring and score debasement. Score corruption includes lessening a lead’s score after a characterized timeframe. Your school could remember a decrease for a score after a specific time of inertia, permitting possibilities whose interest has melted away bit by bit to descend the need list.

Negative scores could likewise be ascribed to activities that demonstrate a lack of interest. For example, prospective students who unsubscribe from your mailing list should probably be given a negative score. Your school may also choose to assign negative scores to leads who are unresponsive to contact, fail to meet certain criteria, or take action on social media that indicates they may be losing interest, such as unfollowing your account.

This will keep your student lead scoring system representative of the true value of your pipeline, and also help you pinpoint areas where prospects are dropping out of your funnel in order to better refine your education lead scoring and nurturing processes.

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