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Join Hands with Universities and Build Successful Ed-Tech Unicorn

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This article features how partnering with universities can help you build a successful Ed-Tech unicorn

The main source of revenue for most universities’ is their on-campus programs and research. To build a successful Ed-Tech Unicorn, one must help these universities to diversify revenue by enabling universities to address new markets, including international students, students that are looking for flexible online study options, lifelong learners, and corporate clients. Edtech is a growing field of study that is predicted to take up a large amount of the forecasted US$10 trillion for education. In terms of business, a unicorn is a private company that’s worth at least US$1 billion. There are more than 250 unicorns across all industries with education making up around ten overall on a like-for-like basis, meaning they were started recently or in the last decade raising venture capital. There are so few Ed-Tech Unicorns, what will it take to build an Ed-Tech Unicorn?

How partnership with universities can help you build successful Ed-Tech Unicorn? Learn from the best:


Partnership with universities – 75

2U delivers and supports more than 475 online educational offerings–including undergraduate and graduate degrees, bootcamps, and short courses–and establishes additional income streams while reaching 275k+ students and lifelong learners.

Guild Education — by acting as the interface between large employers and university partners, Guild provides universities with direct access to learners in the workforce and the sizable training budgets of global corporates.

HackerU — by developing and marketing vocational programs in high-growth industries (e.g. cyber security) in partnership, HackerU allows universities to compete in the emerging bootcamp market that has built a strong partnership with universities.

Here are the ways to build a successful Ed-Tech Unicorn:

Start with the aim to create an Ed-Tech unicorn

Building a unicorn is an unprecedented endeavor, and it requires a remarkable mentality. To accomplish those commended statures, you should, in any case, be headed to make something that can achieve extremist change. Ed-Tech companies should set up credibility by exhibiting firm confidence in their Ed-Tech product’s capability to fundamentally work on instructors’ and understudies’ lives.

Create an Ed-Tech technology that can be integrated

There is an immense chance for Ed-Tech companies to foster advances that can be coordinated into schooling in a manner that is powerful, useful, and vital for discovering that educators would not have the option to work without it. At the end of the day, the following winning Ed-Tech product or administration will be something that instructors will quickly perceive as something they cannot envision managing without going ahead.

Learn the value of failing forward

Fizzling forward means to gain from past difficulties to assemble future achievements. When you have put your Ed-Tech product on the market, and it’s rejected by consumers, admit and accept failure, yet do not leave it there. Most Ed-Tech unicorn success stories of overcoming adversity occurred because of engineers whose items were at first dismissed but who decided to rebuild their Ed-Tech product to meet consumer demands. Many products are top products due to the creators persistently working on initial failures.

User-focused design is paramount

Ed-Tech companies need to begin by zeroing in on a client-centered plan. The UI itself should be submitted to various preliminaries and instructor input. A client-centered plan is vital right from the start any other way the item will wind up not being acknowledged. Conference with end clients is significant for the effective advancement of an Ed-Tech product that will create a real impact.

Recognize the danger factor

Schools are not hazarded lenient. It is just excessively exorbitant for schools to give a shot diverse Ed-Tech solutions, monetarily and as far as time and exertion. Many schools and school executives will not carry out another learning framework assuming that they figure it will just achieve unassuming advantages for understudies and instructors. The danger is too high that they will burn through their time and cash. Thus, tech business visionaries should think of an item that is demonstrated to roll out a basic improvement to how guidance and learning occur.

It’s difficult to make an Ed-tech unicorn. You can likewise look into the means that a few business people are taking to arrive at their objective of becoming top pioneers in the Ed-Tech market.

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