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EdTech Bolstering Art Education with Creative Digital Tools

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Creative digital tools enable students to pursue art education with increased intelligence than before

EdTech is increasingly augmenting its services throughout the education industry, capturing almost every opportunity to facilitate education over the digital media. Besides class lectures, coding and other remote learning applications, art education is also equally extended to students through creative digital tools. For students learning animations and graphics, sufficient technological support can be provided both on-campus as well as off-campus. Interestingly, students do not have to depend upon multiple stationary and art materials to embark on a creative journey. They can simply open a creative digital tool and begin forming their imagination. With these tools, they can even just correct the errors without having to start them all over again.

The Evolution

Earlier practices of graphics and animations were carried out with the help of top-end software like Adobe creative cloud, Wacom drawing tablets and Cinema 4D, which were afforded by the school districts themselves for the students to have collective access. With education shifting to remote locations, access to these applications was hindered and students were required to practice them at home with the available applications. Eventually, with the browser-based creative digital tools supported in every device, students started another new journey in art education. It was a definite win-win situation for those who were already acquainted with these digital art creations.

Versatile Students

With the evolvement in technology caused by circumstances, even students are growing versatile and flexible in adopting a new way of learning as they start to pursue their passion. While art education demands immense creativity, the new easily accessible creative digital tools facilitate students to efficiently pour in their visualisations into practice. Using tools like Autodesk Tinkercard, collaborating over video conferencing software, students are evidently building unbelievable real-life models that absolutely imitates life-size objects. These students are not only getting their hands-on to some amazing creative digital tools but they are also learning visual communication rapidly. The most familiar and preferred creative digital tools for art education are Do Ink, SoundTrap, Adobe Creative Cloud, Seesaw, Art Studio and Adobe Spark.

Convenient Access

Students are no more bound to a specific learning environment as they practice art education through creative digital tools. Software offering the ability to access graphical representations are available to the students from any location and at any time without paying much wary to carry art and craft accessories. Applications like Adobe Photoshop and Google Drawings are helping students to proficiently create figures and decorate them their way while attaining perfection like never before. Art teachers and professors claim that creative digital tools for art education have drastically changed their habits related to their profession. Unlike earlier, they are employing newer technologies from the convenience of their current place to impart art education to children, further, receiving better learning outcomes than in-person learning. Digital art education also allows students to think more liberally and execute a better understanding as compared to the physical classrooms that are full of distractions from other students and the constant urge to know what the one besides doing, whether better than them or not.

Confidence Booster

Easy-to-use and create creative digital tools inoculate confidence in students than just using a white canvas. Using templates to learn the outlining and getting crooked lines round off evenly boost their confidence immensely. The fearlessness occurs in them once they have the assurance that they can complete a project on their own rather than spending long durations and giving up. The creative digital tools empower the students to believe in themselves by making available various options to resort to in case of any stumbling moments, as they begin using them, unlike the white canvas.


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