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Top EdTech Companies Emphasizing on AR and VR In Education In 2021

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Popular EdTech companies embedding AR and VR in Education to achieve the objectives of education

The applications of augmented reality and virtual reality are widely adopted across all industries. Especially in the education industry, it is considered to be an extra feather of advantage added to the cohesive education technology application. AR and VR in education are facilitating students to engage more in the lesson as a parallel universe equal to their ongoing lesson is also witnessed by them. Multiple EdTech companies are employing their infrastructure with this advanced learning equipment.

Education can be effectively delivered when the students effortlessly remember what has been taught. Finally, the struggle for retention comes to an end with AR and VR in education. Furthermore, side by side attending a tutorial, virtual reality experience will lead to a better understanding. However, the visual experiences offered by AI and VI in education is not similar to any usual video file, it is enhanced and simulated.


From assisting educators to make in-class lessons interactive and engaging, Nearpod has upgraded to extending AR and VR in education. Whether in-person classes or online classes teachers can always resort to the advanced learning solutions extended by Nearpod. The ability to involve 360-degree vision has built lessons enjoyable and experiential. The EdTech company’s immersive learning solution is not restricted to only AI and VR but also inherits traditional curricula to retain their mindful values.

Alchemy VR

Nonetheless, one of the renowned brands in the world of technology. The EdTech company aims for a greater cause than just including AR and VR in education. One of their company objectives is to make AR and VR education available to every child regardless of their location. Besides, AR and VR in education, also combine artificial intelligence and mixed reality. With immense pleasure, the EdTech company has also won the BAFTA for releasing a movie on virtual reality screens.


Exploring art museums is one of the most enjoyable excursions for students. By bringing art exhibitions at home through the use of virtual reality, the EdTech company influences innumerable art lovers to take refugees in their downloadable applications. The artists can create their masterpieces on the AR-powered canvas and propose it in an exhibition that is lined up through VR-powered auditoriums.

Neo Bear

A kid-centric AR-based educational application engaging students to learn new words and languages boosting their vocabulary and fluency. It offers multiple games for them to play in the form of drawing books, flashcards and magnifying glasses. Moreover, cartoon series are also present in the software for the amusement of the children.


The EdTech company resolves to help the firms in training employees on their portfolios. This eases the process of job training and does not involve the driving forces of the company to engage in it as the newer one’s stagger. The AR and VR in education have been done justice by this application as it also scores the employees on their degree of preparedness. The simulated visuals expose the employees to the prospective work environment allowing them to adapt to it.

Interplay Learning

The EdTech company specializes in imparting aptitude skills, career-oriented skills, technical knowledge, and other industry-specific courses by providing VR-based simulations of the above-mentioned fields. The solution of AR and VR in education extended by this company resembles in-field experiences for the learners to have hands-on training in their aspired careers. A vast range of mechanisms is unfolded in front of the students to have them gain in-depth practical knowledge.


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