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Incredible EdTech Solutions for Education Device Management

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Top education device management ways and EdTech management tools with proven competence

Education device management is the operational task to regulate digital devices engaged with any particular digital education network, so as to ensure that the only means to deliver education does not malfunction. With the shift to digital education, the number of digital devices has exponentially grown. Schools and universities rapidly adopted the available options to avert any resistance to education. This compelled them to settle down with innumerable applications of digital devices to aid that commitment. Eventually, almost the entire world began operating online. As the number of devices have increased to facilitate digital education, EdTech solutions for education device management have also erupted in the market. Furthermore, exclusive EdTech management tools ensure greater privacy, performance, reliability and durability.

3 Techniques for Education Device Management

 Identify Right Software

 Digital education operates through remote locations where it is not just important to keep an eye on students, it is also important to keep an eye on their device usage during classes. Therefore, different devices have different education device management software such as Intune for Windows, Jamf for Apple devices and Google admin for Chromebooks.

Awareness Amongst Parents

The elders often face trouble using devices. In digital education, everything is communicated through the digital devices so educating parents about the mechanisms of the devices can lead to better education device management. At Least Parents must be knowing how to shut down and refresh while switching on. This will keep the digital device in good condition.

Warranty Assurance

Education device management includes taking utmost care of the digital devices used to continue education. Digital education cannot continue with devices that have reached their worst threshold. Thus, to avoid interruptions to education due to device exhaustion requires a warranty extension that can exchange a damaged part with a brand new one.

Best 5 EdTech Management Tools

Impero Education Pro

 One of the most effective EdTech management tools is assisting school IT teams to control digital devices from one desktop. Switching on and off computers, solving a troubleshooting problem from a distance and controlling passwords are all performed by IT personnel. Besides, classroom management operations are also extracted from this software. Violations to cyber rules of the school are also detected through keywords.

Filewave Endpoint Management Suite

 The EdTech management tool is highly beneficial for looking after the connected digital devices to its network. It was founded in 1992 and now is called an all-inclusive platform as it is suitable for Android, Mac and Windows. Education device management is efficiently carried out by this EdTech management tool as it empowers IT, teams of every institution, to monitor discrepancies in both customers’ devices and in-house devices.

Jamf Pro

 Though it supports the education device management of apple devices, it is a highly adaptive EdTech solution for the purpose. The software ensures to incorporate every Mac device to a single network as using Mac for digital education has become a common practice for districts and schools.

Lightspeed Mobile Management

 It is a boon for teachers to control the devices of students along with implementing education device management. The software provides the opportunity to create user groups and manage them from a centralized dashboard. The EdTech management tool supports both Windows and Mac programmes saving time and money for both.

Securly MDM

 Primarily meant for schools as it complies with strict regulations of classroom management. It helps teachers and IT departments alike to perform education device management as well as device control respectively. The software supports almost all new programs such MacOs, Android, iOS. Nearly a thousand digital devices can accommodate this EdTech solution. Internal communications among the staff are also enabled by the EdTech management tool.

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