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Edtech Platforms: Supplements to the Conventional Education

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How Edtech platforms are helping students to look past the conventional education system

Digital transformation is significantly changing every sector including Education. The development direction of the education sector in India has been enamoring, as homerooms are overflowing with education technology tools. Edtech platforms acquainted themselves as supplements to the conventional education system. Many test prep startups are helping students to develop required skills and confidently appear for the exams. According to reports, the market size of the Edtech sector in India is projected towards US$3.5 billion by 2022, as the offering has moved out of classrooms and onto corporate boards, laptops, and hand-held devices, concentrating on content creation, pedagogy, problem-solving, and life skills. This article talks about how Edtech platforms are helping students to look past the conventional education system.

Edtech Platforms: Future of Education Sector

In the conventional education system, students were time-bounded. So anything they had to do learn was between those school hours. But Edtech platforms have totally modified the meaning of a student, and anyone can be a student today, paying little heed to their age, occupation, or area. Education technology tools have enabled understudies to learn disciplines voluntarily, at their speed and time.

The other benefit is that the capacity of Edtech platforms allows instructors and understudies to co-make lessons while improving educator execution by utilizing recordings, animations, games, quick doubt solving forums, and more.

Boosting self-studying habits

Education technology tools create an outstanding environment where students can build self-studying habits and learn new things at their own pace. Education technology tools can help students to enhance their interactive capabilities with engaging quizzes, online tests, and eBooks.

This enhances their will to learn new things and boost confidence in taking advanced onboard concepts on their own. These new and innovative Edtech platforms save the day and make the learning process much less monotonous for the students who were stuck in the conventional education system.

Complementing the classroom learning

Education technology tools allow students to have a better understanding of the concepts by providing extra knowledge online. The utilization of Education Technology tools is even further encouraged by stringent regulations to allow students more time for their exams. In addition, educators from these new EdTech platforms also observe student behavior and collect data about their strengths and weaknesses.

Promoting self-assessment

There exist many test prep startups working hard to provide tools that can automatically assess the status of the test-taker. These tests are not only for assessments but also include practice questions or test preparation materials that are useful in helping students get ready for the actual examination.

Online Test Preparation Segment: Key Trends Highlighted

Test prep startups earned a quarter of all funding in the Edtech sector in 2019. Together, K-12 and test preparation combined will make 66% (US$1.3 Bn) of the total online education market size is 2021, as per DataLabs analysis.

Here are the other highlights from the Edtech sector from the point of view of test prep startups:

Rising Deal Count: In 2019, deal count in skill development startups made just 4% of the total funding deals the same year compared to 24% of test preparation.

Funding Share Domination: From 2014 to 2019, the average share of test preparation startups to the total funding amount and the deal count was 69% and 25% respectively.

Rising Market Share: The average annual share of test prep startups from 2014 to 2019 was 25% compared to 18% of skill development.

Capital Inflow Skewed: Out of the total US$1.8 Billion poured in Edtech startups (from 2014 – 2019), US$1.4 Billion was invested in test prep startups.


The pandemic steered India’s conventional education system towards an inclusive and technologically enabled learning environment. Edtech platforms are experiencing a massive transformation, orchestrating growth towards a futuristic direction.

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