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Top 7 Ingenious EdTech Projects Aimed at Developing Nations

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Top EdTech projects demonstrating innovative digital learning platforms in developing nations

Developing nations are taking an extra mile for their young population, who are the future of the country. In an attempt to come up with the best alternate solution to the traditional model of education that often excludes underprivileged students from the education cycle, many entrepreneurs are rising with their innovative EdTech plans. Although certain imaginary aspects do reflect some EdTech projects, it is not quite impossible to make it happen in the 21st 21st-century technology world. The visions in the outfit of EdTech projects are building some revolutionizing and highly accommodating digital learning platforms, which in the coming must be closely observed to gauge their progress. It would be interesting as new concepts will be examined in the public sphere and it will also be discovered how people are perceiving creativity in EdTech plans.


Ubongo Kids is an educational broadcasting programme designed in the form of cartoons and influences innumerable students in Africa. This is an attempt to bring Africa closer to the digital learning space, edutainment contents are run in under this network. Ubongo is perhaps an NGO based in Tanzania.


To invigorate the youth population in Brazil with adaptive learning solutions, the digital learning platform, Geekie looks forward to this Edtech project as a futuristic model for education in the nation. Millions of children in the country of Brazil are enrolled in this EdTech plan supported by Lemann Foundations.


Various reasons have served to the illiteracy of India and the digital divide being one has prompted the country to face a deteriorated number of learners during the pandemic. This EdTech project has been the pillar for the government to implement educational policies in these challenging times. In a developing nation like India where income inequality is prominent, philanthropic activities are necessary. EkStep is an open-source digital learning platform having interesting impressions across the world.


The path to educational development has to go a long way in developing nations like Kenya, thus, EdTech projects dedicated to visually impaired students have enormous scope. The NGO that introduced the digital learning platform employs various smart and updated ways to succeed in their purpose.


Developing nations like Nepal and Ghana are aimed to receive tremendous benefits from this EdTech plan that focuses on the international exchange of educational programs. OLE or Open Learning Exchange is a digital learning platform where in-home teachers having expertise in local lessons and content in regional languages are encouraged as it provides meaningful careers to them.


The EdTech project is an adaptive learning platform where students can acquire skills in mathematics and is operational with a special focus on underserved regions. By making mathematics lessons accessible to disadvantaged students, Mindspark has become one of the notable names in innovative EdTech plans.

Pratham Books’ Storyweaver

An Indian initiative of a non-profit publisher that engages in publications dedicated to students. The digital reading platform developed by this EdTech project aims to bring together readers, authors, illustrators, and most importantly translators who can help convert the stories into mother tongues across the world for children without disturbing the real flavor of the content.


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